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June 25, 2009 08:30 ET

BreakingPoint Provides the Only Realistic Network Simulation for Testing Vulnerability and Resiliency of U.S. Cyber Infrastructure

BreakingPoint Government Solutions Group Supports Growing Demand for Resiliency Testing With Simulation of Blended Applications Mixed With Live Security Strikes at Line-Rate Throughput

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - June 25, 2009) - BreakingPoint Government Solutions Group today announced the department's expansion in response to the increased demand from defense and civilian government agencies, leading government contractors and research organizations looking to perform resiliency testing. Resiliency testing is now a reality with BreakingPoint's ability to simulate a true global network with blended stateful application traffic mixed with live security attacks at line-rate speeds and high session counts, delivered from the same address space.

Resiliency Testing Critical to U.S. Cyber Infrastructure

The United States' cyber infrastructure is evolving to support a dynamic mix and high volume of application traffic, as well as defend against attacks from both criminal agents and enemies of the state. Testing the resiliency of mission-critical networks, as well as the devices and the services they deliver, is crucial for the agencies and organizations tasked with protecting our nation's information network infrastructure. Only through testing using realistic network simulation can the government ensure the availability and performance of digital services and meet the deliverables of President Obama's Cyber Security Initiative and the ASD/NII.

BreakingPoint Elite Provides Industry's Only Resiliency Testing Tool

BreakingPoint Elite provides resiliency testing capabilities by simulating realistic blended application traffic mixed with live security strikes at line-rate throughput and maximum load conditions. BreakingPoint Elite's resiliency testing capabilities provide:

-- Testing for all known vulnerabilities, including current and comprehensive security attacks and thorough application protocol fuzzing to harden defenses.

-- Line-rate traffic generation and session throughput of blended realistic applications to test for vulnerabilities and performance issues under maximum load conditions.

-- Automated tools that are consistently updated with the latest security vulnerabilities and application protocols.

-- Support for creating and testing proprietary application protocols and custom security attacks.

-- Ability to ensure compliance with the latest regulatory and industry standards.

Download the BreakingPoint Elite Resiliency data sheet and learn more about BreakingPoint Government Solutions Group.

Quote from Des Wilson, CEO, BreakingPoint Systems

"Resiliency testing is clearly critical to identifying and eliminating threats to the security and performance of our nation's cyber infrastructure. And the definition of resiliency testing remains simple; test the network and network devices using blended application traffic mixed with live security strikes at line-rate speeds originating from the same address space. However, until today, the government agencies and organizations tasked to optimize and defend the cyber infrastructure did not have these capabilities. BreakingPoint Elite is the only testing tool architected to simulate the conditions of an actual network, providing the resiliency testing capabilities that help make it the only effective defense against net-centric threats and performance issues."

BreakingPoint Elite Resiliency Testing Advantages

BreakingPoint Elite is engineered for ultimate realism, responsiveness, and performance. With an innovative network processor-driven design, a BreakingPoint chassis delivers authentic blended Layer 4-7 application traffic and live security strikes at 40 Gigabits per second (Gbps) with 15 million simultaneous TCP sessions. Advantages include:

--  Realistic Blended Application Traffic - BreakingPoint delivers a
    realistic blend of good, bad and proprietary application traffic such as
    voice, video, data and virus attacks at up to 40 Gbps in a 3-slot chassis.
--  Scalable Network Simulation - Scale easily to simulate global
    networks, such as Cyber Range, and apply load to test data centers and
    cloud services.
--  Create Protocols and Security Strikes - Toolkits to create proprietary
    application protocols and custom security attacks.
--  Comprehensive Attack Coverage - Leverage unprecedented security
    coverage including more than 4,200 live security attacks and full Microsoft
    Tuesday coverage.
--  Botnet Command & Control and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
    Simulation - Ensure network devices can detect Botnets and mitigate DDoS
--  Complex Attack Scenarios - Simulate a wide range of sophisticated
    attacks with more than 80 evasion techniques.
--  Advanced Protocol Fuzzing - Identify performance issues or unknown
    vulnerabilities quickly by testing with malicious or malformed data
--  Thorough Firewall and IPS Validation - Accelerate modernization of
    initiatives and evaluate performance and security claims of vendors by
    testing for vulnerabilities under peak load conditions.
--  Accurate Data Leak Protection and Precise Anomaly Detection - Validate
    Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and filtering capabilities while ensuring
    monitoring and security systems can identify elusive attacks.
--  Standards Conformance - Conduct IPv4/IPv6 dual stack testing with the
    industry's most current IPv6 stack and validate conformance to
    specifications using current standards such as Jumbo Frames.

About BreakingPoint

BreakingPoint accelerates the development and testing of high-performance content-aware network equipment with fast, accurate, responsive, and easy-to-use application, performance and security testing tools. BreakingPoint is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices throughout the world. For more information visit and download the latest resources for realistic firewall testing, IPS testing, server load testing and more.

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