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September 21, 2010 10:12 ET

BreakingPoint Validates Lawful Intercept, Data Loss Prevention, and Deep Packet Inspection Solutions by Providing the Latest Versions of Popular Network and Web Applications

New Evergreen Applications Program Automatically Provides Ever-Current Versions of Popular Network and Web Applications

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - September 21, 2010) -  BreakingPoint today introduced the addition of Evergreen Applications™ to the BreakingPoint Storm CTM™. This new capability expands upon BreakingPoint's Application and Threat Intelligence™ (ATI) repository of applications and attacks, providing ever-current versions of popular Web and network applications. With BreakingPoint Evergreen Applications, customers focused on advancing the capabilities and performance of deep packet inspection (DPI), Lawful Intercept (LI), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) products can now do so using the most current application and attack traffic.

News Highlights:

  • BreakingPoint Evergreen Applications delivers the most current versions of popular Web and network protocols including instant messaging and Webmail applications such as Google® Gmail™, Microsoft's Hotmail™, AOL Messaging™, ICQ, Jabber, and more.
  • Each week the BreakingPoint ATI research team will review any changes to these protocols and provide an updated version to BreakingPoint Storm CTM customers who have a current ATI program agreement.
  • The BreakingPoint Storm CTM is the only product of its kind to emulate Internet-scale traffic including:
    • Support for more than 130 application protocols and multiple languages
    • Load from 30 million concurrent connections
    • Comprehensive security coverage that includes more than 4,500 attacks
    • Ability to fuzz application protocols
  • The BreakingPoint Storm CTM, now bolstered by the BreakingPoint Evergreen Applications program, is key to validating the resiliency of systems used for Lawful Intercept, Data Loss Prevention, network security, and more.

Providing Ever-Current Applications Critical to Validating Lawful Intercept Systems
"Federal government and law enforcement organizations rely on lawful intercept systems to capture communications that may provide information concerning crimes and terrorist activity," said Dennis Cox, BreakingPoint CTO. "Working at the application level, lawful intercept systems must be able to recognize the latest version of application protocols, as well as recognize multiple languages and perform under extreme load. A lawful intercept system not validated under these conditions may not recognize communication triggers, allowing threats to go undetected. The BreakingPoint Evergreen Applications program is another example of how we provide the very latest and most current network and data center conditions in order to validate systems critical to lawful intercept, as well as network security, data loss prevention, and much more."

About the BreakingPoint Storm Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM)
The BreakingPoint Storm CTM unleashes Internet-scale cyber war in a controlled environment to measure and harden the resiliency -- performance, security, and stability -- of network and data center infrastructures, conduct repeatable experiments, and train security experts. Powered by a patented innovation in network processors, a single BreakingPoint Storm CTM replaces a complex, multi-million-dollar performance test lab or cyber range with an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and low-maintenance solution. The product features built-in automation to:

  • Validate the accuracy and optimize performance of Lawful Intercept and Data Loss Prevention systems
  • Produce a standardized Resiliency Score™ to measure network and data center performance, security, and stability
  • Measure the performance of massive virtualized infrastructures in the face of peak user load and attack

The product is backed by a team of security researchers who provide automatic updates to applications and attacks as part of the BreakingPoint ATI program. ATI updates are delivered to customers on a weekly basis, ensuring that organizations are measuring the resiliency of their network and application infrastructure with the most current network traffic.

About BreakingPoint
BreakingPoint is the standard by which the world's governments, enterprises, and service providers measure and harden the resiliency of their network and data center infrastructures. BreakingPoint's patented network processor-driven architecture powers the world's first and only Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM) to expose previously impossible-to-detect stress fractures within network and data center infrastructure components before they are exploited to compromise customer data, corporate assets, brand reputation, and even national security. BreakingPoint was recently recognized by the 2010 American Security Challenge and 2010 Security Innovation Network™ (SINET) Awards for innovation in securing critical network infrastructures. For more information, visit

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