Avatar Babaji Yoga

Avatar Babaji Yoga

July 12, 2010 12:16 ET

Breakthrough in Yoga eCourse

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 12, 2010) -

Danny Kirk

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn at www.avatarbabaji.com a chiropractor, healer, metaphysician, charity worker and author has hit the mark. This week Dr. Greszczyszyn released three powerful, breakthrough Yoga eCourses. While this may not seem important or even newsworthy to most his eCourses are being sold at record breaking prices.

Dr. Greszczyszyn with his charity work (establishing 32 Sacred Charity), free chiropractic, and aspirations to open free healing centers in North America also took the next step to releasing free health and abundance instruction.

Dr. Greszczyszyns' goal to spread his Kriya and Yoga teaching to as many people on earth as possible foreshadows why he has become such a success. He tells me that "although other masters are teaching Yoga in guru disciple relationships, this form of instruction is archaic and should be gone by the way side".

Using easy to watch instructional videos on Youtube.com and releasing powerful instructional manuals at www.avatarbabaji.com for the price of base website transferring fees which are close to zero U.S. dollars, Dr Greszczyszyn is providing masterful Yoga instruction at near nothing prices.

More important is the nature that his instructional courses have been known to drastically affect peoples' sense of peace, bliss, intuition, life purpose, aspiration, health, longevity, income and even vitality.

Some may question why Dr. Greszczyszyn did it. Having asked that question myself, his response was "I have been gifted with love, grace, money, health, enlightenment, and business ideas unparallel. What better way to give back to humanity than releasing those tools which gave me information, health, beauty, wealth and insight. I remember praying back in Chiropractic College saying I'd like to be a healer like Jesus. While I may not be like Jesus, giving back to humanity, instructing people in free yoga, developing 32 Sacred Charity, and eventually opening free healing centers around the world; this will be my life mission".

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