SOURCE: Coates International, Ltd.

November 05, 2013 07:00 ET

Breakthrough in Renewable Green Energy: Coates Hi-Tech Engines, Ltd. Is Seeking Suitable Partners to Raise Funding for the Completion of Its Hydrogen Reactor Project

The Company Already Has CSRV® IC Engines Operating on Water Split Into Hydrogen on Demand as Its Sole Fuel Source; No Harmful Emissions Produced Only Water Vapor That Is Recycled and Reused

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2013) - Coates Hi-Tech Engines, Ltd., a subsidiary of Coates International, Ltd., (OTCQB: COTE) ("the Company") is seeking partners to raise funding for the completion of its hydrogen reactor project. The Company already has CSRV® IC engines operating on water split into hydrogen on demand as its sole fuel source. The Company has completed the initial phase of designing and building a water splitting reactor that produces hydrogen on demand from water and has CSRV® IC engines operating on hydroxy gas split from water as its sole fuel source.

Mr. Coates comments, "Gaseous hydrogen contains only 290 to 330 BTUs and requires more energy to produce gaseous hydrogen than the energy it produces. Hydroxy gas known as HOH contains 1,450 to 1,500 BTUs producing more energy than it takes to produce hydroxy gas with the hydrogen reactor. Some people are of the opinion that the Laws of Thermodynamics apply here (well they do to a certain extent.) However, the design and efficiency of the water splitting reactor and the type of hydrogen gas produced (hydroxy gas) and the thermal efficiency of the Coates CSRV® engine generators makes water as the fuel of the future possible. We are working on the second phase of this project. It is amazing that company executives and governments from the other side of the world are traveling to visit Coates and are offering very attractive incentive packages to induce the Company to setup production operations in their countries. After phase two of the Coates hydrogen project is completed, plans are in place with American power companies to design and build the first 25 MW sub-station in the world powered by water split into hydroxy gas as its only source of fuel. This will be the game changer that should boost the Company value and stockholders interest."

There can be no assurance that the Company will be successful in any of the above endeavors.

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