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World Finance

September 13, 2013 09:40 ET

Breitling Oil and Gas Leads Race to US Energy Independence

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Sept. 13, 2013) - For years natural gas has remained unloved and undervalued; that is, until recently where advances in fracking and horizontal drilling have put the lesser-loved resource at the heart of industry changes.

The US alone has uncovered natural gas reserves to last over 200 years in a short time - a trend that shows no sign of slowing - as the nation looks to start exporting the commercial product.

Despite the oil and gas industry having experienced an exponential and extraordinary growth of late, Breitling Oil and Gas' Chief Executive Chris Faulkner claims, "the industry is only in the first innings of a baseball game." The next 10 years hold an exciting - if uncertain - future for the industry, with the US heading many of the most exciting technological developments, and spearheading a displacement of coal power generation.

Breitling Oil and Gas' work typifies the changes at large throughout much of the US' oil and gas industry. "We're seeing a manufacturing renaissance in the US, which is very interesting considering that we've lost the manufacturing superpower status we once had," says Faulkner, who believes shale gas to be "the key, the tool, and the glue" for driving positive change in the US economy.

Breitling Oil and Gas' CEO spoke exclusively to World Finance on the influence of fracking and horizontal drilling in granting the US a greater measure of energy independence. To see the video interview in its entirety head over to now, or click on the link below:

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