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December 02, 2015 08:00 ET

BRG Launches Security Culture Services Program -- The First Evidence-Based Program Specifically Designed to Measure, Align, and Transform Existing Enterprise Cybersecurity Cultures

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwired - December 02, 2015) - BRG's Technology Advisory Practice has developed the industry's first evidence-based program specifically designed to measure, align, and transform existing enterprise cybersecurity cultures. BRG's Security Culture Services offer a portfolio of advisory offerings to educate companies about their cybersecurity culture, assess enterprise security cultures and behaviors, evaluate and measure culture risk that may contribute to security breaches and incidents, and advise customers on the design and implementation of cybersecurity culture transformation strategies.

Cybersecurity challenges are growing, and include threats to organizational infrastructures and digital assets, risks from security breaches and data loss, and an increasingly aggressive regulatory and legal environment. Cybersecurity is a people, process, and technology challenge, but the cybersecurity industry has been traditionally overweighted in technology solutions and vendor products, while neglecting or downplaying human capital and people-centric solutions to security threats and risks. Innovative research, including cultural and behavioral models such as the Competing Security Cultures Framework and the Security FORCE Behavioral model offer evidence-based, empirical approaches to measuring, managing, and transforming people-centric security and enterprise security culture.

People-centric security aligns with and complements management and strategy theories from outside of the security industry, particularly Dynamic Capabilities, to enable organizations to develop systemic strategic capabilities for managing uncertainty around cybersecurity threats, risks, and responses. The Dynamic Capabilities model of sensing, seizing, and shifting applies directly to the creation of cybersecurity programs capable of identifying new threats and opportunities around securing information (sensing), responding to these developments quickly and effectively under conditions of uncertainty (seizing), and creating a culture of organizational learning capable of evaluating and maintaining security insights over time (shifting).

Based on the work of Dr. Lance Hayden, author of People-Centric Security: Transforming Your Enterprise Security Culture, BRG's Security Culture Services leverages the Competing Security Cultures Framework and Security FORCE Behavioral models, and combine these security models with a Dynamic Capabilities approach to building decision and management frameworks that enable a learning enterprise to respond to security threats, innovate, and improve continuously under conditions of uncertainty.

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