September 07, 2010 08:08 ET

BRIC Medical Devices Market Exceeds $10 Billion

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - September 7, 2010) - has announced the addition of Sipco Healthcare Intelligence's new report "The Market for Medical Devices in Brazil, Russia, India & China" to their collection of Medical Devices market reports. For more information, visit

China, India, Russia, and Brazil represent a total medical market of US$10.8 billion. But how might the impact of the economic downturn affect them? Where do commercial opportunities exist for medical device companies now, and what are the future prospects?

With a combined population of 2.7 billion people and with significant unmet medical need the challenges and opportunities of BRIC markets are considerable. The economic downturn has affected these markets varyingly; for example, the Brazilian import market may be affected by disadvantageous US$ exchange rates, but China is affected more by a weak economy in the USA, its major market. Significant growth rates, up to 9.1% in China for example, are impressive, but the low starting point -- along with a range of other operational issues -- means companies must be targeted in the opportunities they pursue.

There are, of course, wide regional differences in expenditure levels within the BRIC countries, far more so than in developed countries where health systems have evolved to provide a more uniform level of coverage. All four countries have a relatively wealthy urban population with a far greater spending power than their respective national average. These urban populations have grown rapidly, and number hundreds of millions. The challenge for these countries is to extend this level of wealth to the rest of the population, so that better levels of healthcare become affordable.

The prevailing economic woes have to be seen over the long term. This is evolution not revolution, and change will be incremental. Short-term opportunities exist in meeting the health demands of the burgeoning middle classes, and future prospects are bright, where steady growth in BRIC markets will erode commercial differences with the established markets in North America, Japan and Europe. Effective planning is vital.

This report provides a comprehensive examination of the market for medical devices and equipment in BRIC, covering all aspects of the operating environment from the regulatory situation through health provision/expenditure to domestic production. Importantly, each market evaluation includes 5 year growth forecasts and SWOT analysis.

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