February 12, 2013 07:00 ET

BridgeSTOR Announces CRUNCH™ Deduplication for Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM 2010/2012)

Stores DPM 2010 and 2012 Data in Deduplicated Form Locally, Offsite or in the Cloud; Offered as a Virtual Appliance Without CAPEX Charges

POWAY, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 12, 2013) - BridgeSTOR, LLC, the company Advancing Deduplication to the Cloud, today announced release of the CRUNCH™ Virtual Deduplication Appliance, BridgeSTOR's 2nd generation deduplication and compression technology for Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM 2010/2012). Delivered as a VHD, CRUNCH for DPM enables users of Microsoft's server and workstation data protection product to store deduplicated data onsite for fast data recovery or offsite for disaster recovery, archive and long term data retention.

By creating a new long-term deduplicated disk storage tier, CRUNCH reduces the disk requirements in short-term DPM storage pools, making BridgeSTOR's capacity optimization the ideal response to DPM's voracious storage appetite. CRUNCH deduplication helps DPM storage managers extend the life of their in-place disk hardware with optional data compression further reducing capacity requirements.

Adding CRUNCH to DPM data protection architectures extends the number of available long-term recovery points and seamlessly integrates into your current protection strategy while remaining under the control of DPM.

In addition to reducing DPM capacity requirements, CRUNCH supplies "agentless" backup for NFS and CIFS clients that are currently unprotected by DPM. NFS, CIFS and DPM data can be stored on disk, tape and/or in the Cloud -- all in CRUNCH-deduplicated format.

"CRUNCH for DPM is the 2nd generation of BridgeSTOR's industry-leading DPM deduplication technology and is based on the Data Deduplication File System (DDFS™), a breakthrough in Cloud-enabled data deduplication that operates at both the file and sub-file (data block) level," says John Matze, CEO, BridgeSTOR. "CRUNCH for DPM and DDFS are the results of a significant development effort by an industry-leading team of deduplication experts and Microsoft Server application specialists."

In its initial release, BridgeSTOR deduplication for DPM is optimized to interoperate with the unique storage workloads produced by DPM 2010 and 2012 when protecting Hyper-V and shared storage (NAS, CIFS) servers as well as workstations and laptops. Deduplication for DPM-protected Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint data will be available shortly. Using CRUNCH for DPM, Microsoft's Data Protection Manager can finally offer "bullet-proof" data protection coupled with market-leading data storage efficiency.

Other key DDFS features include NearTime™ Deduplication, ProtectedCloud™ Security, SHA Exchange™, Global Deduplication and an unlimited number of Data Recovery Points. Deduplicated DPM data retained on local disk by CRUNCH can be natively mounted, enabling immediate data recovery. 

DPM users will soon be able to download an evaluation copy of CRUNCH for DPM through the company's website. This capability will be announced in a future press release. 

CRUNCH for DPM is offered through a BridgeSTOR Deduplication as a Service (DaaS) subscription. Using DaaS, a user signs up for a period of time, receives value over that period and then, at the end of the subscription period determines whether or not to renew. If the customer decides not to renew they will always be able to recover data. DaaS customers pay only for the services provided.

The DaaS model is easy to understand and the annual subscription is low and fixed. There are no upgrades nor are there additional features that are not included in the base monthly charge. There are no hidden charges or surprises and there are no "up-front" or one-time charges. No CAPEX is required because DaaS is a pure OPEX offering.

CRUNCH for DPM annual subscription fees start at $2,400.00 per instance. Contact BridgeSTOR sales for further detail.

BridgeSTOR, headquartered in Poway, CA, near San Diego, is advancing the technology of data deduplication to bridge the gap between the data center and offsite storage. The company is extending the boundaries of data deduplication into virtual machine disaster recovery and archive, optimized virtual data transfer to the Cloud and the long-term retention of deduplicated data on magnetic tape. BridgeSTOR makes virtual machine data protection, disaster recovery and data archive simple, affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes. The company brings data deduplication to both Cloud storage and magnetic tape using on-premises Virtual Deduplication Appliances and the innovative "Deduplication as a Service" (DaaS) OPEX-only cost model to deliver a data protection experience that overcomes the limitations of traditional storage and networking. The company's website is:

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