March 04, 2014 07:00 ET

BridgeSTOR Announces Highly-Available, Secure Cloud Storage Access Delivered as a Service

Cloud Storage Access Service for Workgroups and the Enterprise Now Makes Low-Cost, High-Availability Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Accessible, Usable and Manageable

POWAY, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 4, 2014) - BridgeSTOR, LLC, the company making cloud storage accessible, today announced the immediate availability of the Coronado family of Cloud Storage Access Gateway products offered as a service for a low and fixed monthly charge. The Coronado Cloud Storage Gateway products transform Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3®) public cloud storage into easily accessible, secure, ultra-high-availability data center storage for both workgroup and enterprise-level storage consumers. The workgroup is served by the Coronado NAS Gateway while the addition of the Coronado Synchronization Server enables business enterprises, government entities and others to easily and securely access and share cloud-resident data from multiple locations world-wide without regard to the data's physical location.

The Coronado NAS Gateway includes BridgeSTOR's Protected Cloud Security which combines AES-256 bit encryption and advanced data reduction for secure accelerated wire transmission and safety while the data is at rest inside the cloud provider. BridgeSTOR's Coronado data reduction multiplies the capacity of all cloud storage regardless of composition. With 5X data deduplication, a figure claimed by products such as EMC's DataDomain for archive applications, 1TB of Amazon S3 storage is transformed into 5TB of cloud storage -- while the cloud storage user pays for only 1TB of cloud storage.

Comprehensive Active Directory integration enables the Coronado product family to provide authentication required by both workgroup and enterprise users in order to safeguard their data.

The Coronado Synchronization Server features the Coronado Global File System which aggregates a view of all files stored in the cloud while enabling the seamless sharing of common data and Global Cloud Deduplication which adds the highest level of data reduction across all data and files stored in an enterprise's cloud storage environment. In addition, BridgeSTOR optimizes the transfer of data across the network both to and from the storage cloud.

A single Coronado Synchronization Server operates in conjunction with multiple Coronado Cloud Storage Gateways to provide comprehensive, consistent and secure access to cloud-resident data to all cloud storage users and is ideal for distributed, world-wide enterprises deploying applications or providing collaboration services.

Offered as a service for a low and fixed monthly charge, the Coronado products make cloud storage as easily accessible as local storage in the most cost-effective form available today.

"We extended Amazon's cloud storage and cloud storage access to storage users at all levels for world-wide application deployment or data sharing collaboration," says John Matze, CEO, BridgeSTOR, LLC. "The BridgeSTOR value proposition is far more compelling than just pennies per gigabyte. BridgeSTOR reduces storage costs by multiplying cloud storage capacity and makes the cloud as accessible as your local storage, all while retaining the unprecedented levels of data availability provided by the Amazon cloud architecture."


BridgeSTOR, LLC, the Cloud Storage Access Company, headquartered in Poway, CA, near San Diego has created a Cloud Storage File System (CSFS™) to extend and enhance the usability and manageability of cloud storage, including Amazon S3™, and other cloud vendors by transforming complex and sophisticated object-based storage into traditional file-based storage accessible by standard Windows or Linux-based applications and management tools. BridgeSTOR strives to make cloud data access simple and affordable to organizations of all sizes.

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