July 26, 2011 08:00 ET

BridgeSTOR DPM 2010 Dedupe Analyzer: Forecasting Tool for Microsoft System Center DPM Deduplication and Compression Savings

Free Analysis Software Details How Deduplication and Compression Reduce DPM Storage Capacity, Power, Cooling, Rack Space and Service Costs by as Much as 75 Percent

POWAY, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 26, 2011) - BridgeSTOR, LLC, redefining the cost per terabyte equation through advanced data reduction appliances today introduced its DPM 2010 Dedupe Analyzer that enables storage managers to predict the effects of deduplication and data compression on their DPM 2010 storage capacity requirements.

Available now and at no cost from the BridgeSTOR website, the DPM 2010 Analyzer provides detailed information about the effectiveness and value of DPM 2010 storage data reduction by applying a combination of software-based deduplication and compression to statistically selected samples of production data. The Analyzer then uses an Excel spreadsheet and selected user inputs to present the expected cost savings from capacity reductions, from placing constraints on future growth and from reducing power and air conditioning expenses.

"The adoption of DPM 2010 has been hampered by the lack of compression and deduplication. The BridgeSTOR DPM solution is the only product available today that deduplicates DPM," said John Matze, BridgeSTOR founder and CEO. "The DPM 2010 Dedupe Analyzer is a unique software tool that gives the storage manager detailed guidance on controlling capacity costs as well as the costs of powering and cooling storage."

After the free download, storage managers will find that just six steps are required to perform an analysis of the effects of deduplication and compression on DPM 2010 data.

Depending on the data, deduplication reduces block storage data by 10 to 80 percent. Compression works on the deduplicated data, as well as on blocks that do not deduplicate. Together, these advanced data reduction techniques can shrink DPM 2010 storage capacity requirements by up to 4:1, or 75%, although some types of data can be reduced even more aggressively without compromising performance.

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