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October 14, 2014 12:00 ET

BrightEdge Fuels Customers' Content Performance With Historical and Real-Time Data Insights

With the Now Widely Available Data Cube Time Machine and Data Cube Score, Marketers Can Tap Into Invaluable Data Insights to Improve Content Marketing Performance

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2014) - BrightEdge, the essential content marketing platform, today announced Data Cube Time Machine and Data Cube Score are now widely available to all customers. First unveiled at the company's premier digital marketing conference Share14, these technologies are powered by BrightEdge's Data Cube. The Data Cube is the largest data set in the industry, indexing millions of pieces of content, including rich media, search, and social, at a web-wide scale. Backed by such a robust data set, both the Data Cube Time Machine and Data Cube Score allow marketers to seamlessly access historical and real-time competitive analysis and performance insights of their content.

"Our business runs on a massive dataset, which is essential for providing marketers insights they need to make their content perform," said Jim Yu, CEO and Cofounder at BrightEdge. "The Data Cube Time Machine and Data Cube Score are the next steps in the evolution of BrightEdge as marketers transition from an era of trial and error to one of hard measurement and results. These advanced technologies help marketers understand the entire ecosystem that surrounds their content and allow them to optimize its impact. We believe that when marketers know they're backed by the biggest data set in the industry, they feel empowered to fully maximize their content for high-performance."

Data Cube Time Machine -- Explore trends and travel in time: Data Cube Time Machine enables marketers to understand performance of their content historically and over time in order to identify which content is successful. Marketers can access a unique month over month performance comparison that's geared toward helping them achieve exceptional content. Armed with insights on performance and their Data Cube Score over time, marketers can identify the impact of any algorithm changes, capitalize on seasonal trends, and understand how to improve moving forward. 

Data Cube Score -- Quantify content's performance: Data Cube Score is a key performance indicator of how well content is performing. Dynamically calculated based on millions of pieces of web-wide data, the score lets marketers see how their content is performing, whether throughout their entire site or for a specific section of their site. The score also allows marketers to easily visualize the state of their content performance and see how that compares to their competitors' content in real-time.

Together, the Data Cube Score and Data Cube Time Machine give marketers the insights they need to target demand, optimize new content, measure performance, and perform competitive analysis. Powered by the unprecedented data repository of the Data Cube, these insights are delivered as comprehensive, lightning fast, actionable intelligence.

"Data Cube blew us away when we first saw it," said Sean Kainec, Head of SEO at Home Depot. "The ability to use it and make it a part of the team and a part of our program has definitely added capabilities that I never thought were possible."

In addition to empowering marketers, BrightEdge is able to leverage its rich data repository and the Data Cube Time Machine to produce unique industry analysis. Most recently, the Data Cube powered the research behind the Consumer Demand For Autumn Travel Report, which details consumer demand around online travel and accommodation sites ahead of the busy holiday season. This kind of research gives marketers industry-wide insight into how companies are leveraging content to engage consumers, and which strategies perform best.

Starting today, BrightEdge's Data Cube Time Machine and Data Cube Score are widely available to customers. For more information visit BrightEdge at

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