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July 05, 2012 12:00 ET

BrightScope Lists the Top 25 Portland Area-Based Companies With the Best 401k Plans

Oregon Anesthesiology Group, P.C. Leads the List of Rankings for the Second Time

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 5, 2012) -  BrightScope (, a leading provider of independent financial information and investment research, today announced its second annual list of the top Portland area-based companies with the highest ranked 401k plans containing more than $100 million in assets. This year BrightScope has extended the list to include the top 25 companies.

BrightScope obtains an increasing amount of its data directly from plan sponsors and record keepers, and augments these primary sources with data from publicly available sources such as the Department of Labor and the Securities and Exchange Commission. By analyzing and interpreting this data, BrightScope provides unprecedented transparency into the 401k industry.

"Portland should be proud of the variety of companies present on this year's list because it shows that any company, in any industry, can create a strong and effective 401k plan for its employees," said Dan Weeks, founder and COO of BrightScope. "As we release each of these lists, we hope that other companies will be motivated to ask for positive changes to their existing 401k plans in an effort to achieve a successful retirement."

Noteworthy findings in the 2012 Top 25 Portland Area-Based 401k Plans list include:

  • All of the previously top ten ranked companies appear again among the top 15 on this year's list, except for previously ranked No. 2, Tektronix 401k Plan, which did not make a second appearance due to its new headquarter location in Washington, D.C.
  • Salem Health Retirement Plan changed its name to Salem Hospital Retirement Plan due to their EIN change and falls two spots from 10th to 12th place
  • First place plan Oregon Anesthesiology Group, P.C. held its rank this year
  • Stoel Rives LLP, Northwest Permanente, P.C., make first appearances on the list as No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 respectively
  • Rounding out the list are first time participants like Oregonian Publishing Company LLC, Con-way Inc., A-dec, Inc. and Adidas America, Inc., among others

Company - Plan Name - BrightScope Rating

1. Oregon Anesthesiology Group, P.C. - Oregon Anesthesiology Group, P.C. 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan - 92.66

2. Stoel Rives LLP - Stoel Rives Retirement Plan - 88.07

3. Northwest Permanente, P.C. - Northwest Permanente, P.C. Retirement Plan Money Purchase Pension Aspect - 86.91

4. Northwest Permanente, P.C. - Northwest Permanente, P.C. Retirement Plan Profit Sharing Aspect - 83.78

5. PacifiCorp - PacifiCorp K Plus Employee Savings Plan - 81.47

6. Mentor Graphics Corporation - Mentor Graphics Individual Deferred Tax and Savings Plan - 80.55

7. Portland General Electric - Portland General Electric 401(k) Savings Plan - 80.30

8. FLIR Systems, Inc. - FLIR Systems, Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan - 77.96

9. Northwest Natural Gas Company - Northwest Natural Gas Company Retirement K Savings Plan - 76.32

10. StanCorp Financial Group, Inc. - The Standard 401(k) Plan - 75.39

11. TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. - TriQuint Savings and Profit Sharing Plan - 74.34

12. Salem Health - Salem Health Retirement Plan - 74.24

13. Hoffman Corporation - The Hoffman Employee Retirement Income Plan - 74.19

14. The Regence Group - The Regence Group 401(k) Savings Plan - 73.04

15. NIKE, Inc. - 401(k) Savings and Profit Sharing Plan for the Employees of NIKE, Inc. - 72.02

16. Oregonian Publishing Company LLC - Oregonian Publishing Company Employees 401(k) Plan - 70.99

17. Con-way Inc. - Con-way Retirement Savings Plan - 70.71

18. Detroit Diesel Corporation - The Employee Savings Plan of Detroit Diesel Corporation - 70.25

19. ESCO Corporation - ESCO Corporation 401(k) Plan - 69.91

20. Daimler Trucks North America L.L.C. - Daimler Trucks North America L.L.C. Employee Retirement Savings Plan - 69.80

21. Cascade Pension Trust Board of Trustees - Cascade Pension Plan - 68.54

22. A-dec, Inc. - A-dec, Inc. Profit Sharing Retirement Plan and Trust - 67.29

23. Blount International, Inc. - The Blount 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan - 65.89

24. Precision Castparts Corp. - Precision Castparts Corp. 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan - 65.11

25. Adidas America, Inc. - Adidas America, Inc. Employee 401(k) Savings Plan - 63.53

BrightScope's 401k plan Rating was developed by BrightScope, Inc. with the help of leading academics and independent 401k fiduciaries. Analyzing more than 200 individual data points, the BrightScope Rating algorithm can calculate a single numerical score for each 401k plan in the country. The data points examined cover broad categories such as total plan cost, company generosity and investment menu quality.

BrightScope has rated nearly 50,000 401k plans, spanning more than 30 million workers and over $2 trillion in assets. Industry adoption of the BrightScope Rating will lead to more cost-effective plans, increased participation rates, higher employee satisfaction and better outcomes for the 60 million employees who depend on their 401k plan for retirement. 

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