September 14, 2009 16:42 ET

BRIK-A-BLOK: When Building Becomes Child's Play

With an Inventive New Toy That's 100% North America, 6 - 12 Year-Olds Can Now Create Hi-Tech Playhouses

MONTREAL--(Marketwire - September 14, 2009) - It's new, it's North American, and it's causing quite a stir in the marvelous world of toys. What is it? Brik-A-Blok, a system of modular, easy to assemble polymer panels that provide children with hours of fun, allowing them to safely build playhouses, forts, castles... in short, if they can imagine it, they can build it, inside and out!

This educational toy system for 6-12 year-olds designed and made in North America is truly one of a kind. "I spent almost a full year examining the toy industry in-depth," explains Vincent Michalk, President of Brik-A-Blok Toys and designer of the system. "To my surprise, I discovered that the market offered tents and playhouses, but nothing that allowed children to create life-sized structures of their own."

With its brightly colored panels that easily snap together, Brik-A-Blok stimulates creativity in children (and parents) while empowering them to develop their social and interactive skills, problem-solving abilities, and ocular motor skills. Mr. Michalk emphasizes that it also responds to children's need to create their own space, a place where they can simply play and imagine.

The product of a two year development period, Brik-A-Blok has been meticulously designed to offer children a play experience that is fun, educational, expandable and safe. The safety aspect was a priority of the company, as is evident in the Safety Certified seal on the Brik-A-Blok packaging approved by NSF International, an independent and globally recognized standards agency. The system's panels are made from high-quality, food-grade polymer that is non-toxic, waterproof and resistant to ultra-violet (UV) rays. The assembly points have been designed to prevent accidents: "If a child tries to climb onto a structure, the joints will give way to prevent falls from a higher level," adds Mr. Michalk.

Practicality was also a focus for the design team; Brik-A-Blok is sold with a reusable storage bag that fits easily into a closet or car trunk. The system also "grows" with children, who can learn over time to build increasingly complex structures and combine multiple systems to create true feats of engineering. As the Brik-A-Blok literature states, "the possibilities are almost infinite," and the system will provide years of pleasure to children and parents alike.

Playing is believing!

Offered in kits of 26 panels ($109) and 46 panels ($179), Brik-A-Blok can be bought directly from the warehouse, on the Web site at, by phone or in store, providing consumers with the best possible prices. "Unlike many mass-produced products, Brik-A-Blok has been designed and is made in North America, and we want to be able to control its distribution to offer the best price-quality ratio," concludes Mr. Michalk.

About Brik-A-Blok Toys

Created in 2007, Brik-A-Blok Toys Inc. is a Canadian company based in Longueuil on Montreal's South Shore. The company's activities and philosophy reflect its commitment to North American economic development and employment. Brik-A-Blok Toys currently offers its product in kits of 26 and 46 panels and boasts a production capacity capable of serving markets across North America and abroad. Brik-A-Blok was awarded top prize in the 2008 Entrepreneurship Contest for Montreal East in the Operation/Processing/Production category.

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