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September 18, 2015 07:55 ET

Bring Movement Back to Work With New InMovement® Elevate DeskTop™ Series Standing Desks

Four Adjustable Height Sit-to-Stand Desktops Transform Workspaces for Laptop and Desktop Users to Improve Health and Productivity

ROSEMONT, IL--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2015) - Sitting all day is junk food for your body -- and for thousands of office workers who spend all day on the computer, that means just doing your job can be an unhealthy endeavor. Until now. InMovement®, a productive wellbeing company, aims to infuse movement into the workday with the Elevate DeskTop™ Series of standing desks -- an assortment of adjustable desktops that give individuals the power to quickly take their current workspace from sitting to standing and back again, with no permanent installation.

"Over time, the sedentary way we work can do serious harm to the body," said Gary Hirschel, Vice President of InMovement, leading the business. "Activity throughout the day is the key to a healthier work style, and changes don't have to be drastic to bring big health returns. Simply adding little movements and routine standing breaks into your day is linked to improvements in energy, sleep quality, a reduction in aches and pains and even weight loss."

The InMovement Elevate DeskTop Series of standing computer desks is ideal for those looking to improve their health and reduce prolonged sitting during the workday. With a modern aesthetic that complements any workplace, the series offers four configurations, all designed to instantly retrofit current desks with no assembly or installation required. Each design includes a high-quality, adjustable-height platform that raises and lowers the work surface so professionals can stand or sit at their discretion.

Premium InMovement Elevate DeskTop Series standing desks offer ergonomic solutions for laptops and desktops, as well as single and dual monitors:

  • InMovement Elevate DeskTop DT1 - Built for laptop users, this laptop swivel arm mounts with a clamp or grommet and adjusts from standing to sitting easily. It also rotates 360 degrees to share a screen with a coworker or move out of the way when not in use. The DT1 provides 20 inches of vertical travel from your existing desk and retails for $299.

  • InMovement Elevate DeskTop DT2 - Place this full-sized desktop on any current workstation to instantly create a full-service standing work desk. Engineered with desktop computers in mind, the keyboard tray is lower than a traditional standing surface for improved posture and comfort, and retracts when not in use. A generous desktop that is 41 inches across and 26 inches deep, the DT2 is available in three finishes to match office décor: white, light wood grain or rich, dark wood grain. This sturdy solution can accommodate 35 lbs., and retails for $399.

  • InMovement Elevate DeskTop DT3 - Ideal for those who want the health benefits of a standing desk without sacrificing screen real estate, the DT3 easily accommodates a dual-monitor set up. Its adjustable arm mounts to the front of a desk for those in tight quarters and features an ergonomic keyboard tray that improves posture and comfort. This standing computer desk can support 25-29 lbs. and retails from $449-549 depending on monitor configuration.

  • InMovement Elevate DeskTop DT4 - The premium solution for those seeking a sit-to-stand desk, the DT4 enables quick mobility with an ergonomic, sleek design. Its adjustable arm features an integrated cable management system to keep workstations organized and rotates 180 degrees to share screens with a coworker. The DT4 can hoist up to 24 lbs., is adjustable up to 18 inches and retails for $649.

"The Elevate Series of standing desks can add movement to your day without forcing exercise activity into an office setting, and, with little to no installation required, they are an easy step for those who want to live healthier at work starting tomorrow. We believe you shouldn't have to choose between earning a living and living healthy," said Hirschel.

InMovement will showcase the next generation of workplace furnishings -- including the Elevate DeskTop Series of standing desks, the InMovement™ TreadMill Desk and additional accessories -- at its official launch during the Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress, September 27-30 in Orlando, Fla. To learn more about InMovement product offerings, visit

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