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March 24, 2011 20:01 ET

Britain's Tartiest Towns Revealed: Cardiff Tops the Polls

- 22% of Men Admit to Having Removed Hair From Their 'Sack and Crack'

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 24, 2011) - If you thought spray tans were the mark of Essex princesses, or that you were most likely to see acrylic talons on Liverpool WAG wannabes, then think again.

According to the results of a survey by free local classifieds website,, Cardiff women top the list when it comes to tarting themselves up.

The poll revealed that a third (35%) of women in the Welsh capital are regular fake tan users, 43% have worn fake eyelashes on a night out, and one-in-ten (11%) have had their belly buttons pierced. 

Cardiff fillies are also rather partial to adding hair in some places and removing it in others. Almost a quarter (23%) have tried hair extensions, 34% have had a Brazilian wax and a brave 10% admitted to taking it all off with a Hollywood.

And when it comes to heels, in the Welsh capital they like them high, really high! More than three quarters (78%) said they like to wear heels higher than three inches when they are out and about enjoying the nightlife in Cardiff – so bad news for the Shane Williamses of this world!

To find out where the most preened and pampered girls reside in the UK, Vivastreet polled women from large towns/cities across the country and asked them a series of questions relating to their personal appearance, such as: how often they use fake tan, if they have ever worn hair extensions and false eyelashes, and if they have undergone any beauty enhancing procedures such as teeth whitening and laser hair removal.

The towns/cities were then ranked depending on how high they scored in each category to find out where the most appearance enhanced women live in Britain. The following is the Top 10 list of towns/cities in the UK where women tart themselves up the most:


Following closely on Cardiff's very high heels are the ladies of Belfast. More than half (57%) of respondents in Northern Ireland's capital city admitted to applying a little fake tan once a week, while more than 31% have used false eyelashes. Belfast women also topped the list when it comes to achieving that perfect sparkling smile – with a jaw-dropping 71% confessing that they have tried some form of teeth whitening.

The survey also revealed a difference in beauty preferences between the WAG hotspots of Liverpool and Manchester. According to the poll, around half of Liverpool ladies fake tan, compared to just under a third (31%) in Manchester, while 44% of Liverpudlians love their fake eyelashes, compared to just 29% of Mancunians.

On the other hand, Manchester ladies appear to love their heels, with 68% admitting they would not be seen dead on a night out in heels less than three inches, compared to less than half (48%) of Liverpool lassies.

As for tattoos, the girls of Bristol topped the polls, with more than half (54%) admitting to having one. Bristol women were also the most daring with 70% confessing they have gone commando at least once in their lifetime on a night out on the town.

But it is not just the women making that extra bit of effort. Across the UK there is a growing trend among men to put a lot more effort into their looks, especially when targeting the best nights out in town.

Vivastreet also polled men and discovered that 12% use fake tan on a regular basis, 21% pluck their eyebrows and 9% have worn body-enhancing underwear.

And girls, you will be glad to hear that British men, well the young ones anyway, have finally woken up to the fact that body hair may look great on Sean Connery, but if you're no James Bond and you want to attract the ladies, it's better to be hair-free!

Of those guys polled, 15% said they wax or shave their chests regularly, 11% do the same on their backs and a surprising 22% admitted to removing hair in the 'sack and crack' area – ouch!

James Pass, UK country manager of, comments:

"Hats off to the ladies of Cardiff. There's nothing wrong with a little care and attention when it comes to looking great, and clearly in Cardiff the women are willing to go that extra mile in the pursuit of perfection. The only problem is on a night out, it must be a nightmare finding a free mirror.

"As for the guys, I found it staggering that nearly one in ten of today's young men wear body-enhancing underwear. In my day we used to make do with a couple of cooking apples."

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