British Columbia Pharmacy Association

British Columbia Pharmacy Association

March 27, 2007 12:04 ET

British Columbia Pharmacy Association: Media Release; Top 10 Essential Items Pharmacists Recommend to New Parents

British Columbia Pharmacy Association's Pharmacist Awareness Week March 25 to 31, 2007 Pharmacists-trusted advice, accessible care

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - March 27, 2007) - Dry skin, diaper rash and teething are symptoms that can make a baby very unhappy, and their parents frustrated. Community pharmacists are excellent resources for new parents who need help choosing products that will help with everyday infant health problems.

This week is Pharmacist Awareness Week. The theme, "Pharmacists - trusted advice, accessible care", is meant to remind the public that their community pharmacist is an easy-to-access health-care professional.

As part of Pharmacist Awareness Week the British Columbia Pharmacy Association has prepared a list of items, recommended by pharmacists, that a well-stocked baby bag should contain.

1. BC HealthGuide Handbook
Practical information on how to recognize and cope with common health
concerns - includes the 24 hour BC Nurseline Number.

2. Baby shampoo
Which products can affect/reduce 'cradle cap'?

3. Baby oil
The skin of your newborn is extremely sensitive - are all baby oils the
best remedy? Which products contain scent or colour?

4. Infant cotton swabs (ie. Q-tips)
What's the difference between adult and baby Q-tips? Are there safe
alternatives for cleaning your infant's ears?

5. Infant acetaminophen (ie. Tylenol)
When is the right time to give your baby acetaminophen? How much?

6. Petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly can have a multitude of uses for both mom and baby.

7. Baby powder (unscented)
How much is enough?

8. Zinc oxide ointment (ie. Penaten)
Which cream is right for your baby's rash or chaffing?

9. Antiseptic baby wipes
How often should you use an antiseptic wipe? Which is the right choice
for your baby's skin?

10. Vitamins and nutritional supplements
New moms need TLC too! What does your body need? Are there potential

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