British Columbia Safety Authority

British Columbia Safety Authority

November 01, 2007 12:11 ET

British Columbia Safety Authority: Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week-November 11 to 17, 2007

Going up? Teach your children to ride elevators and escalators safely

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA--(Marketwire - Nov. 1, 2007) - When you're out with your children at the shopping mall, movie theatre or any storeyed building, take care around elevators and escalators. Riding an elevator or escalator should be fun for toddlers and young children, but if not done properly, may cause injuries.

The BC Safety Authority is reminding parents and children to take extra care when using elevators and escalators as it recognizes Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week from November 11 to 17, 2007.

"Escalators are safe devices, but people do need to pay attention because of the moving parts," said safety expert Janice Lee. "Children can trip and fall or their clothing can get stuck. We see this most often on escalators in shopping malls."

Lee is the Provincial Safety Manager for the BC Safety Authority responsible for elevator and escalator safety.

Of the 51 incidents involving elevators and escalators that were reported in BC in 2006, Lee pointed out more than 60 percent involved escalators. Many of the escalator incidents involved children under the age of 12.

"I remember one case where a child's shoe got stuck in the escalator and part of the sole was torn off," said Irvine Jay, Safety Advisor to the BC Safety Authority. "This happens mainly when children are left unattended and ride the escalator alone."

The Awareness Week celebrates the excellent safety record of elevators, escalators and moving walks, and highlights the industry's public programs promoting safe use of its equipment.

Parents are encouraged to teach their children the following tips to help ensure a fun and safe ride:

Escalator Safety Tips

- Step on and off quickly and carefully.

- Hold the handrail.

- Always stand and face forward. Never sit on steps.

- Keep hands, feet and clothing clear of moving parts.

- Always wear shoes on escalators. No loose clothing or shoelaces.

- Hold the hand of young children.

- People only. No strollers, carts or large packages. If a stroller must be transported on the escalator, parents should remove the child from the stroller and carry him or her, making sure one hand is free to hold the escalator railing for balance.

Elevator Safety Tips

- Watch your step when entering or leaving the elevator.

- If the elevator stops and doors don't open, push the alarm button and wait for help.

- Stand clear of the elevator's closing doors. Don't try to stop them with your hands.

- In case of fire, use stairs.

The British Columbia Safety Authority is an independent, self-funded corporation that provides cost effective and essential safety services to business, industry and the general public throughout the province.

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