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Energy Choices

February 08, 2010 19:00 ET

British Gas Web Saver 6 Now the Cheapest Tariff in the UK

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 8, 2010) - The new Web Saver 6 tariff from British Gas has entered the market as the cheapest of its kind in most parts of the UK; but not for everyone. This news is bound to leave energy consumers baffled as to whether or not energy prices are due to rise or fall; especially after the recent announcement by Ofgem that energy bills could rise by as much as 20% in 2020.

Web Saver 6 replaces the former internet-based tariff Web Saver 5, which guaranteed its prices until 28 February 2011. The new deal offers a minimum discount of 6% on British Gas's standard dual fuel prices until 1 May 2011. Average gas and electricity customers will be looking at an annual bill of just Pounds Sterling 899 with this tariff.

The new tariff is online only; to sign up, you'll need to be able to check your account online and pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit. Although the wholesale cost of gas and electricity prices has fallen by approximately 60% since September 2008, Standard tariff prices have only been cut by 7%; leaving those unwilling to pay by Direct Debit or without online access still missing out.

Chris Eagle, Commercial Manager at Energy Choices, said, "British Gas has made a bold move by introducing the new Web Saver 6 tariff and its standard fuel discount at the same time, and we usually see other suppliers following suit when British Gas drops its prices.

"We'd recommend that any household shops around for the best deal on gas and electricity but at the moment it might be worth waiting to see whether the smaller energy companies are going follow British Gas's lead. Should more price decreases be announced consumers should compare energy prices to see who actually offers the best deal."

Web Saver 6 is now the cheapest energy tariff in the following 10 (out of 14) distribution areas:

- London electricity

- Manweb

- Midlands electricity

- Northern electric

- Norweb

- Scottish Hydro

- Seeboard

- Southern Electric



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