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April 06, 2011 11:18 ET

Broad-Connect Introduces VOPI™

Changing the Way Businesses Think About VoIP, Leading Telecommunications Provider Broad-Connect Telecom Trademarks VOPI™ (Voice over Private Internet).

VAUGHAN, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 6, 2011) - Broad-Connect Telecom, one of the country's leading providers of Internet telecommunications created waves in the VoIP service industry last month when they received a trademark designation for the term VoPI™, or Voice over Private Internet as it is more formally known.

In a traditional VoIP situation, neither the consumer nor the service provider has complete control over the voice quality routed through the public Internet. VoPI™ completely alters Internet-based communications and provides a fully managed solution to businesses looking to resolve the challenges inherent in unmanaged VoIP.

Most telecommunications providers are only capable of offering consumer-grade VoIP. The VoPI™ solution offered by Broad-Connect Telecom facilitates the use of its secure private, point-to-point circuits in order to deliver secure and high quality voice communications. 

VoPI™ services have been proven to greatly eradicate many of the challenges business face when using conventional VoIP services, and the benefits are substantial.

Latency, jitter, and packet loss are common complaints amongst businesses still deploying VoIP technology, each of these problems indirectly lead to a decrease in voice and call quality. Unlike VoIP, VoPI™ voice packets are transmitted over a private network, which results in far greater quality and provides an IP-based telecom solution void of quality and reliability concerns.

Perhaps an even greater advantage is the added security and peace of mind that VoPI™ provides. Denial of service attacks and other security intrusions have been known to affect VoIP QoS. Hackers with access to packet sniffers and similar tools are able to monitor pertinent call location and transmission details. At the ISP level, it is even possible to eavesdrop on confidential conversations. Since VoPI™ travels securely over Broad-Connect Telecom's private and secure network security threats are destroyed. "By offering our consumers a true business grade IP voice solution, our VoPI™ method of delivering IP voice services across Broad-Connect Telecom's advanced Canada wide private network ensures that their communications needs are being met and that every call is optimized for quality. Breaches in security are a constant fear for businesses, since VoPI™ avoids traveling through the public Internet our consumers can rest assured that their connection is secured and dedicated at all times." Ravi Prasher, VP of Sales, Broad-Connect Telecom.

Broad-Connect Telecom is an industry leading telecom solutions provider that enables businesses to achieve success by providing them with access to the most forward-thinking, advanced, state-of-the-art communications and networking services in the marketplace today.

At Broad-Connect, we operate our own advanced Canada wide private voice and data network. This allows us to control the first and last mile of service, meaning clear voice calls that are securely delivered, and are always prioritized over data communications. We are leaders in VoPI™ technology, and ensure that voice packets never travel outside of our private network.

Broad-Connect Telecom is a leading Canadian telecommunications provider offering Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, IP PBX solutions and more. Broad-Connect Telecom is an authorized Business Partner with; Avaya and Broadsoft.

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