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February 04, 2011 09:00 ET

Broad Group and TZ Present White Paper on the Need for Micro Protection in Data Centres

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA--(Marketwire - February 4, 2011) - The BroadGroup and TZ Infrastructure Protection, Inc., an operating business unit of Telezygology, Inc., released today a new white paper on 'Data Centre Micro-Protection' at the Data Centres Malaysia Regional Summit 2011.

The white paper reveals that the migration of IT into the Cloud is inhibited by increasingly outdated approaches to physical security within the server room. Virtualised environments and hosted computing services open up new business risks for customers and place new demands on data centre service providers and operators.

Stated by many as the primary factor for not deploying cloud services, security is a major issue today both in and out of the cloud. The IT industry is still in the early stages of understanding the implications of cloud computing. Physical data centre protection today, with its focus on 'building' security, has yet to recognise the operational and customer benefits that could be realised by intelligent asset handling and the use of smart devices such as 'machine centric' devices which function as part of the new 'Internet of Things.'

The Internet of Things is driving the physical world to behave as an information system in its own right -- and introduces new concepts, such as intelligent asset handling and remote control of smart devices, into the protection of physical business assets.

Sensors and actuators are embedded into physical objects which are programmed to sense and communicate. These objects are linked via fixed cable or wireless networks using the Internet Protocol (IP) and automatically generate detailed data for advanced analysis and management reporting.

The Internet of Things and remote actuation (or 'remote hands') has multiple applications across all sectors. In the data centre, it can provide volume data on physical access and environmental conditions both inside and outside a cabinet, cage or rack. Micro-protection of this kind has direct implications for infrastructure availability, energy consumption and costs, compliance auditing, as well as health and safety obligations. It also means pro-active management of 'lights out' data centres as well as facilities with heavy human traffic.

The Internet of Things means new ways of offering both local and remote protection (from humans, environmental hazards and threats), as well as remote control and visibility. Next generation technologies, now emerging on the market, offer innovative approaches to protection. An interesting example of this is from Telezygology, Inc. (TZ) and its smart micro-protection systems ( which use shape memory alloy actuated intelligent locking devices for advanced protection and remote control of assets. This disruptive technology revolutionizes the concept of electro-mechanical locking and appears to enable a range of smart devices with embedded intelligence, much smaller form factors and less power consumption.

TZ's web-based platform provides real-time audit trails and remote actuation. Its intelligent locking devices work with existing structured cable (or wireless networking) and will open -- and close -- on command according to customer's specification. Cabinet doors, shelves, servers, tiles and plugs can be checked remotely. Devices can be locked and unlocked remotely via a user portal. This technology is fully IP addressable and fully auditable. The TZ platform is also being used to ensure last mile chain of custody of accountable mail and parcel delivery through an intelligent storage system using a network of software controlled locking devices.

The Internet of Things brings new ways of giving control back to users and to suppliers of cloud computing services. This next generation of networked smart devices provides a sound foundation for protecting physical assets as cloud computing advances to the next level. It provides an added dimension of assurance for both users and providers of hosted services.

The white paper includes detailed user interviews, case studies and market analysis to examine these growing trends and assess how vendors, operators and users should respond. It can be downloaded at

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Telezygology, Inc. (TZ) is the inventor of intelligent fastening, locking and actuation devices that in combination with TZ software and communication gateways provide a networked platform that extends traditional access control networks to asset level protection and creates compelling security, locking, monitoring and control applications across a number of market segments.

TZ Infrastructure Protection, Inc. is an operating business unit of Telezygology, Inc., the leader in the development of SMArt system solutions that enable localized locking, sensing, switching, remote actuation and networking of intelligent objects under the control of an open software platform.

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