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April 17, 2008 11:06 ET

Broadcore Celebrates Earth Day by Going Green and Helping Businesses Help the Environment

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 17, 2008) - In observance of Earth Day, Broadcore announced that its Managed and Hosted PBX Business Communications Service has empowered businesses to Go Green by reducing employee commutes, thereby reducing driving times, reducing emissions and helping the environment.

Broadcore has long been providing services that enable employees to work remotely. Broadcore's Green Phone System allows employees to work from home or smaller local branch offices, using a broadband DSL connection as opposed to driving to a central office location daily. Through this capability provided by Broadcore, many businesses have enjoyed the benefits of a distributed work force, improved employee quality of life, improved efficiency, saved on gas and other auto-related costs and most importantly, contributed to reductions in traffic congestion and emissions pollution.

--  According to figures released by the EPA, automobiles release between
    0.66 to 1.20 pounds of pollutants per mile driven per car.
--  These pollutants, including Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen
    Oxide and Hydrocarbon, are released into the air and adversely affect air
    quality, pollute the environment in general and greatly contribute to the
    global warming problem.
--  In Southern California, an average driver drives approximately 1000 -
    1500 miles per month, most of which is to commute to and from work.
--  All of this activity causes the release of between 660 to 1800 pounds
    of pollutants into the air per car, per month!
--  A small business can have a significant impact on emissions reductions
    by allowing employees to work from home either full time or a few days per

"This is possible because of Broadcore's Business Hosted PBX Voice-over-IP-based technology," said Dean Manzoori, SVP of Technical Services at Broadcore, Inc. "Traditionally, businesses had to have an office in order to install a PBX phone system on the premises and for the phone company to deliver and install phone lines to a physical office location. Broadcore Hosted Business Telephone System eliminates that requirement for businesses that do not want or have office space or do not want all of their employees to gather at a central office location. Although many businesses may still need to have a physical office, Broadcore provides the added benefit and flexibility of a hybrid solution to them so they may incorporate remote employees or branch offices into one seamless and centralized phone system," added Mr. Manzoori.

According to Monty Ferdowsi, President and CEO of Broadcore, "We practice what we preach! Our entire infrastructure utilizes energy efficient, Green servers and equipment. In addition, due to the nature of our technology, we substantially reduce the need for a technician to visit customer sites, thereby reducing emissions ourselves. Our Hosted platform eliminates onsite equipment, thereby creating less old metal and potentially dangerous PC junk that goes into our landfills. We also use paper-less electronic billing and we require most of our employees to work from home full-time or a few days a week."

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