SOURCE: Broadcore, Inc.

June 24, 2008 11:05 ET

Broadcore Helps Businesses Fight High Gas Prices by Implementing Telecommuting or Launching Virtual Offices

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 24, 2008) - Broadcore announced that its Managed Business Communications Services have empowered some businesses to fight high gas prices by allowing employees to work from home or by fully operating in 'Virtual Company' mode. This has substantially reduced or completely eliminated driving to work and thereby has reduced gasoline expenses.

Broadcore has long been providing Hosted VoIP PBX services that enable companies' employees to work remotely and save on gas and/or allow businesses to eliminate the cost of expensive office space and in-house phone systems by operating virtual offices. The Broadcore Managed VoIP services allow employees to work from their homes or smaller local branch offices, as opposed to driving to a central office location daily on today's high gas prices. Through this capability provided by Broadcore, all employees function under one central phone system, regardless of where they are. The phone system functionality is fully transparent to customers and employees. Additionally, businesses enjoy the benefits of a distributed workforce, retaining valuable employees, eliminating or reducing commutes, and savings on gas and other auto related costs.

"We are able to do this because of Broadcore's Business Hosted PBX Voice-over-IP-based technology," said David Hajian, SVP of Operations and CFO of Broadcore, Inc. "In the past or even nowadays, employees are forced to drive to an office space because that's where the phone system is. Even the ones who work from home use their cell phones or home phones to make/receive business calls. Broadcore eliminates the need for employees to gather at a central office location without sacrificing the full functionality of a business PBX phone system. Extension-to-extension dialing, Display Speakerphones, Intercom, Auto Attendant and centralized Voicemail are all available to everyone working remotely," added Mr. Hajian.

According to Alan Pourafzal, the V.P. of Customer Support at Broadcore, "We went virtual a long time ago! Many of our support staff work from home, in different cities and states. Even local employees are allowed to work from home, thereby saving a few hundred dollars a month on gas. Our phones work with DSL connections they have at home and it's like they are sitting in the office next to me. I can intercom them just like they are here in the office. No difference, except helping them to save a few hundred dollars a month on gas!"

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