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November 09, 2010 16:16 ET

Brock Renewable Energy Research & Development Corporation -- A Qualified Emerging Technology Company; Theoretical Betz Limit .593 Is History

LIVONIA, NY--(Marketwire - November 9, 2010) -  Gerald E. Brock, Founder and Inventor of the WindTamer Turbine Technology, Announces "PROVING" Exceeding the Theoretical Betz Limit of .593 in a DAWT -- Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine with an 89 Inch Swept Area -- Swept Area is the area within the circumference of the Rotor Blade Tips outer most path of rotation, or most commonly referred to as the diameter -- (89 Inch Rotor Diameter Used). Brock Proprietary Intellectual Property Airfoils were used to achieve this World Renowned Unparalleled History Making Milestone.


"AWEA Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard (AWEA Standard 9.1 -- 2009) © The American Wind Energy Association."


"Thanks to the homeowner in Livonia, New York who now has the most efficient wind turbine in the World for his invitation extended to me to try the Proprietary Intellectual Property Brock Airfoil on his privately owned DAWT -- Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine," said Mr. Brock.

State of the Art Data Testing Equipment Used


Anemometer -- is an NRG40-C calibrated anemometer factory registered and dated when calibrated. The anemometer's signal was calibrated by the Technicians at Campbell Scientific Inc. to the Data Logger. The NRG40-C Anemometer was installed per AWEA standards -- "American Wind Energy Association" -- requirements to center of the hub of the Wind Turbine -- the Anemometer has its own concrete pedestal -- using schedule 80 steel pipe to eliminate support pole deflection to the NRG40-C Anemometer to wind speeds in access of 120 MPH -- the Anemometer is strategically located to avoid what the AWEA refers to as shadowing -- where the Wind Turbine intercepts the wind and the Anemometer is behind the Wind Turbine giving low false wind speed data. Every precaution has been taken.

Campbell Scientific, Inc. Data Logger -- their slogan -- when Measurements Matter!

The Data Logger equipment from Campbell Scientific Inc., is regarded as the best in the industry!

Data Logger Equipment used and calibrated is as follows;
CR800-ST-SW-NC Measurement and Control Data Logger -- ST Tested -25 to +50C, USB to RS-232 Converter DB9 Male, 12 Volt Power Supply PS100-SW w/Charging Regulator & 7Ahr Sealed Rechargeable Battery with Wall Charger 18Vac - 1.2A Output 110Vac Input - PC400 Data Logger Software, Special Magnelab SPT-0375-600 600 Volt Potential Transformer, Custom Data Logger Program.

Notation: Data thus far has been collected from 9/25/2010 to 10/25/2010 -- many days within the aforementioned period the machine was down while we were making adjustments. "Nobody that I'm aware of in the industry provides the actual data taken from a Data Logger pertaining to their wind turbine technology to the Public -- I decided to provide the actual data taken for all to view at the various wind speeds we experienced at the site," said Gerald E. Brock. Gerald E. Brock has now established without question exceeding the Theoretical Betz Limit of .593 substantiated as the first in the world to do so with irrefutable data and the aforementioned method by which the data collected is irrefutable.
They are making changes to further improve the Betz Limit Data Collected.


Data Provided; Betz Limit Cp is .593 -- in the far right column of the data provided the heading above is Cp which means Coefficient of Power -- the Cp column is in red -- this data is taken every second and averaged into 1 minute Bins -- providing a 1 minute average Cp that Brock's Airfoils are producing in a Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine in Livonia, NY.


The Link provided is to prove without reservation substantiation exceeding the Theoretical Betz Limit of .593 using the State of the Art equipment aforementioned; there are 26 pages of data taken from the Data Logger with 1,250 1 minute averages -- data is taken every second for 60 seconds and special software from Cambell Scientific, Inc. allows you to average the 1 second data into 1 minute Bins, you can't go into the data logger and alter that data, the Data Logger will collect data for 595 days, the data I have provided here is for the World to view, we put this data in PDF format for ease of viewing for all to see.


Type in Your Search Bar The Link Below, The Data will do the Talking From Here!

Mr. Gerald E. Brock states that it is Instinct, the Ability to see the Solution, Implement the Vision of that Solution and to Construct a Model from that Vision and Build a Proprietary Intellectual Property Airfoil that Exceeds the Theoretical Betz Limit. Mr. Brock states that he works from Vision, Problem Recognition, Solution Visualization and the Ability to Implement the Solution with a Hands on Approach. 


The most efficient renewable energy technology in the world is located in Livonia, NY where Mr. Brock started his Endeavors in the Renewable Energy Field over 10 years ago in the Home Town of Mr. Brock where Betz Limit has been substantiated exceeding the Theoretical Betz Limit with a Proprietary Intellectual Property Brock Airfoil implemented. Mr. Brock's technology will create numerous jobs, his technology will bring energy to low wind areas around the world in need of electricity.

As can be seen with the data provided Brock's Technology is Exceeding the Theoretical Betz Limit starting at under 4 mph to 24 mph, and it's going to get better Mr. Brock exclaims.

Scalability of Mr. Brock's Airfoil Technology is not an issue, although the rotor blade geometry will change per Mr. Brock's Proprietary Intellectual Property Formulas.

Brock Renewable Energy Research & Development Corporation

Mr. Gerald E. Brock's Company will provide consultation services to those in the wind energy field upon request. Mr. Brock states that he can without reservation improve the efficiency of any wind turbine with his approach to Airfoil Technology, it comes naturally Mr. Brock exclaims, I Visualize it, and then I will fix it. Mr. Brock further states that his ability is not specific to any particular technology but to the wind turbine industry in general. Mr. Brock states that he is contemplating taking on a strategic partner in the future and has made no decision of doing so at this time. I have formed this Company to pursue new developments in wind turbine rotor blade technology.

University Invite & News Organizations

His thanks go again to the home owner for granting him the authority to allow scheduled site visits.

Upon receiving an email a scheduled site visit will be authorized for no more than 5 visitors working in the renewable energy field to view in person a wind turbine exceeding Betz Limit. Please respond by using the email provided, a Non-Disclosure will be required -- no exceptions.

"I Sincerely hope that WindTamer Corporation will take advantage of this World Renown Technology from Brock Renewable Energy Research & Development Corporation for the Benefit of all the Shareholders," -- Gerald Brock.

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