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December 15, 2010 09:00 ET

Broncus Announces Release of LungPoint Planning and Virtual Bronchoscopic Navigation Version 3.0; Imaging Software Used in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer and Other Lung Diseases

Software Offers Unique Solution for Lung Fiducial Planning

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - December 15, 2010) -  Broncus Technologies, Inc., a medical device company focused on developing minimally-invasive innovations for lung diseases, announced release today of its LungPoint® System version 3.0. LungPoint is a navigation system for the airways that allows physicians to reach difficult areas of the lung in a minimally-invasive procedure. The software allows for pre-procedure mapping and visual guidance during bronchoscopy and helps physicians get to lung tissue that would have previously only been reachable through the chest wall or surgically. The software is used by physicians across the US in diagnosing and treating lung disease. This latest version has unique functionality for placing the fiducial markers that guide radiation beams during early stage lung cancer treatments. 

Eric D. Anderson, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine and Director, Interventional Bronchoscopy at Georgetown University Hospital is a nationally-recognized expert in the bronchoscopic placement of lung fiducials. "Fiducial markers help to track the location of the lung lesion and more tightly focus the radiation beam during lung cancer treatment. Bronchoscopic placement of fiducials can reduce the risk of serious complications including pneumothorax (collapsed lung)," explains Dr. Anderson. "I've been working with markers for many years, and the difficulty has always been determining the best locations to place them. The LungPoint system provides unprecedented guidance in positioning the markers and ensuring a successful treatment for the patient."

The LungPoint system aids fiducial placement by automatically calculating fiducial locations around a pre-defined target (usually a lung lesion). The physician can then verify and/or move the fiducials. A unique fiducial projection view shows the lesion and fiducial locations as they will present on a radiation therapy imaging system. The pulmonologist, often in consultation with a radiation oncologist, can easily determine if the fiducials will be distinct and detectable during treatment.

"What I've seen with the new LungPoint software is that it simplifies the planning processes," states Dr. Anderson. "There is a comprehensive and meaningful set of calculation parameters for fiducial placement. To be able to visualize the fiducial locations as they will be considered during radiation treatment planning increases my confidence in the fiducials' ability to guide the radiation beam."

Version 3.0 of the LungPoint System includes other improvements that respond to customer feedback and make the system easier to use including a new "virtual fluoroscopy view" that displays the position of the bronchoscope and target in a fluoroscopic-type image similar to one commonly used during the procedure. The view should help enhance the bronchoscopists' confidence that they are proceeding on the correct path to the target. Target overlays have also been enhanced.

Dr. Anderson concludes, "This software will save me time but more importantly it could be a valuable tool to bronchoscopists who are just starting to place fiducial markers. LungPoint provides an ideal platform for discussion and collaboration with radiation oncology."

More about the LungPoint System
Pulmonologists use bronchoscopes every day to examine and perform medical procedures in a patient's lungs. The LungPoint Planning and Virtual Bronchoscopic Navigation systems are used to plan and guide bronchoscopic procedures such as lung biopsies and fiducial marker placement. The software gives the physician tools to look at the lungs and airways in three dimensions, resulting in more effective treatment planning and execution. 

Similar to navigation systems used when driving, the LungPoint system allows physicians to select destinations and see the best routes to get there. With this application the "destination" is a suspicious spot in the lung and the "streets" are the lung airways. Once the best possible route is selected, the LungPoint system presents an animation of what the journey through the airways will look like, providing physicians with a full visual guide to the biopsy destination. During bronchoscopy, the planned virtual path is compared to the live bronchoscope video images, indicating to the physician the correct airway to follow for optimal procedure accuracy.

About Broncus Technologies, Inc.
Broncus Technologies is a medical technology company focused on developing and commercializing innovative solutions for diagnosing and treating lung diseases. Its LungPoint® system allows physicians to plan bronchoscopic procedures and navigate to locations in the lungs accurately and quickly. Its FleXNeedle™ catheter is used to obtain biopsy samples and access to hard-to-reach targets. For more information visit

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