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November 22, 2011 10:00 ET

Brooklyn Veterinarian Offers Cat Boarding Service

BROOKLYN, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 22, 2011) - As Brooklyn residents prepare to embark on holiday trips, a local veterinary clinic stands ready to care for their cats. 6th Avenue Animal Clinic offers cat boarding among its other services, and the holiday season typically sees a generous number of feline guests come through its doors. The facility maintains a specially equipped "cat room" for this express purpose, giving the cats not only a comfortable temporary home and human companionship but also whatever health care and medical attention they may require. Professional boarding thus provides both cats and their humans with an enjoyable, worry-free vacation.

According to Dr. Pamella Dendtler, the independent and sensitive nature of these animals makes professional boarding a wise choice. "In many cases, cats simply do not travel well," she explains. "Their sensitivity to their environment means that they can feel anxious and threatened in unfamiliar or chaotic surroundings. They may revert to instinctive, unpredictable and unwelcome behavior in such situations." Leaving a cat at home, however, may also prove problematic. "If your friend or neighbor comes by to feed or check on the cat, it may well run right out the door," says Dendtler. "Even a trained pet sitter cannot necessarily grab a cat in mid-flight. Runaway cats are at risk for exposure to extreme weather conditions, attack from other animals or being hit by vehicles."

The Brooklyn animal hospital eliminates such worries for pet owners. Its "cat room" allow its residents to enjoy a variety of cat toys in a peaceful, pet-friendly environment. Dendtler and her staff give the cats affection and companionship while respecting the animals' independent nature. The cats receive regular food and water in a climate-controlled environment to ensure their year-round comfort and health.

Just as importantly, adds Dendtler, the staff accepts any special instructions from owners regarding favorite toys or treats, dietary restrictions and prescription medications. "We really do try to make each cat feel completely at home while looking out for its individual health needs," she says.

In addition to boarding, 6th Avenue Animal Clinic offers a full range of traditional veterinary services such as pet vaccinations, pet dental care and emergency treatment. The presence of a skilled veterinarian can prove invaluable in the event of a seizure or other sudden illness.

Dendtler points out that the ability to respond to any medical issues and administer medicines is an important advantage: "Cats can suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart ailments just as humans can, and these animals need the correct doses of the right medicines on a regular schedule. It can be all too easy for even the most well-meaning friend or neighbor to make errors that a veterinarian would not." The facility can even spay and neuter cats in conjunction with a boarding stay.

Cat owners wishing to take advantage of the clinic's cat boarding or other services can learn more at the clinic's website,

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