Bruce Agra Dehy Inc.

Bruce Agra Dehy Inc.

July 02, 2013 00:06 ET

BRUCE AGRA DEHY INC. The Ontario Forage Processor Merged with Bruce Bio-Energy LP

KINCARDINE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 2, 2013) - Effective June 30, 2013 Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. and Bruce Bio-Energy LP, the owner of the largest alfalfa/forage processing plant, dedicated to the equine industry in North America merged.

The Limited Partnership Unit holders of Bruce Bio-Energy LP received special shares in the capital of Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. in exchange for contributing their Limited Partnership Units. This merger changed the relationship between Landlord and Tenant, as the plant investment (Bruce Bio-Energy LP) and the day to day operation (Bruce Agra Dehy Inc.) are now in the same corporation, with a combined net equity in excess of $47 million (Canadian Dollars). As of July 1, 2013 the merged corporation continued under the name Bruce Agra Dehy Inc.

Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. The Ontario Forage Processor (the "DEHY") is the only forage processor providing the 'Seed to Stable' concept to the North American equine industry. The Seed to Stable concept includes a) DEHY Forage Contract Growing, b) the DEHY Forage Processing and c) the DEHY Forage distributor 'just in time' delivery. DEHY's Forage growers/farmers/farmland owners are an integral part of the 'Seed to Stable' concept and all farmers and farmland owners have the option to finance alfalfa and alfalfa-timothy crop inputs through ACC (Agriculture Credit Corporation). The advance payment program can be used by the farmers and farmland owners for up to 18-month before it has to be repaid; and the first $100,000 advance payment for every individual forage grower is interest free.

Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. The Ontario Forage Processor is dedicated to Ontario-grown forage processing for the equine feed industry and is the only processor using the unique 'Seed to Stable' controlled process, guaranteeing highest quality, defined as but not limited to dust-free forage feed products and long fiber equine feed forage cubes and wafers.

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