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Bruno Wang Taiwan

August 10, 2012 16:47 ET

Bruno Wang to Attend Comic World 34 in Hong Kong With Mrs. Wang to Enjoy Anime Exhibits and Presentations

HONG KONG--(Marketwire - August 10, 2012) -  Bruno Wang is a longtime and passionate fan of anime, a unique form of artistic expression that has led to the formation and planning of several different events around the world. Bruno Wang has a Website URL that's located at, and he hereby alerts the public that he will be traveling to Hong Kong from California in order to attend Comic World 34 later in August. Bruno and Mrs. Wang will spend two days taking in all that the event has to offer.

Bruno Wang Hong Kong, a longtime aficionado of anime, comic books, film and musical performance, has been spending years traveling the world and seeing and experiencing different events in-person. The latest entry on the travel ledger for Bruno and Mrs. Wang is a date in Hong Kong to catch Comic World 34 later on this month. Bruno and Mrs. Wang are excited to have the opportunity to see the different exhibits up-close.

Specifically, Comic World 34 will be held in Hong Kong on August 25 and 26, and it will take place at the Kowloonbay Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibit Center. The event is expected to draw thousands of attendees from all over the world, and like all other Comic World events it will provide attendees with dozens of different exhibits, zones and presentations that are geared towards anime and other forms of expression related to this artistic theme.

Attendees will be able to enter the exhibit hall each day starting at 11:30 a.m. when the event opens and they will have the opportunity to spend the day there until the event closes at 8 p.m. Comic World 34 will be enormous once again, as it will fill two entire exhibition halls at the host facility. Attendees will also be able to take shuttle buses to the event from several nearby locations so that they can avoid the tasks of driving and parking. People can attend the event for $30 if a person is a student or an adult or for $15 for children and senior citizens. 

Comic World 34 is a continuation of a tradition that began with the first Comic World that was held in 1998. Since then, the event has grown to the point where three different countries -- Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan -- host different Comic World events. Fans of anime understand that since it began, Comic World has been considered the Comiket of all three of these countries and these events are held on a biannual basis.

Bruno Wang and Mrs. Wang have been traveling a lot already this summer, but a trip to Hong Kong is always worth the time spent. This is especially true if the destination includes a weekend at Comic World 34 to experience all that anime has to offer those who love this form of artistic and thoughtful entertainment.


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