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September 10, 2012 15:16 ET

Bruno Wang Discusses European People Watching European Cup Online

LONDON--(Marketwire - September 10, 2012) -  Bruno Wang, a longtime soccer fan who has attended competitions all over the world at the highest of levels, hereby alerts the public of a report regarding the number of people in Europe who chose to watch matches played during the 2012 UEFA European Cup via video streaming online. UEFA commented that the number of people choosing to watch the competition in this manner is growing. Bruno Wang's Web site can be found at the URL of

Bruno Wang, a longtime fan of soccer and someone who has attended different cups and competitions all over the world, hereby alerts the public of recent comments issued by UEFA regarding the number of people in Europe who chose to watch the 2012 UEFA European Cup via video streaming. According to UEFA, the number of people watching matches in this manner is growing rapidly.

The 2012 UEFA European Cup was hosted jointly by Poland and Ukraine, and it concluded on July 1 with a final match between Italy and Spain. The competition included national teams from several countries in Europe including Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and many other European teams who were competing for the title that was ultimately won by Spain.

According to comments issued by UEFA, the number of people watching this competition online has grown since the last tournament was held. "Euro 2012, if you look at the technology, was kind of a cornerstone," said Daniel Marion, head of information and communications technology for UEFA, the organization that manages the competition. 

"Today, it's wrong, they spend more time on their mobile and they spend more time on their tablets. Fifty plus percent of the content is consumed through mobiles and tablets rather than computers, which is impressive," Marion said. These comments were issued at the Krynica Economic Forum, which is held on an annual basis in Poland. UEFA also stated that a total of 272 million people watched the final between Spain and Italy. 

Bruno Wang has long been a fan of soccer, but he has also long been a proponent of connecting to the world by way of new and innovative technology that makes information much more accessible. As a longtime watcher of soccer in Europe, Bruno Wang hopes that this trend of watching matches online and with their hand-held devices continues, as it will signify further growth of the sport's following. Bruno Wang provides sports opinions and perspectives on his Web site, and many who follow these opinions also do so with their tablets and phones.

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