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Brush, Floss and Butt Out for a Whiter Smile

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Nicorette(x) Gum with Whitening Helps Canadians Quit Smoking and Smile Brighter

There is nothing more contagious than a beautiful smile. During National Dental Health Month this April, stomp out the cigarettes and show off a pearly grin instead. Not only is quitting smoking one of the best ways to improve overall well-being, but kicking the habit will also improve the health of your teeth and mouth.

"You can see a big difference between patients who smoke and those who do not," says Dr. Monica Muntwyler, a Toronto based dentist. "Quitting smoking has a significant positive impact on your oral health; not only does it improve your breath and the colour of your teeth, but it will actually reduce the rate and incidence of gum disease and oral cancer."

The effects smoking has on the mouth and teeth don't stop there. Tar and chemicals in tobacco products damage gum tissue and expose the tooth's roots. Smoking reduces the sense of smell and taste and smokers experience delays in healing after dental work and are more sensitive to both hot and cold.(i)

Tobacco products also leave an accumulation of surface stain on smokers' teeth resulting in a darker smile. "Many patients come into the dentist's office looking for a whiter smile and the first step is to quit smoking," says Dr. Muntwyler.

Nicorette(x) Gum with Whitening Helps Brighten Smiles

Nicorette(x) Gum has been helping Canadians crush their smoking cravings for years. Now Nicorette(x) Gum with Whitening not only helps double the chances of quitting successfully, but also helps whiten teeth at the same time. Available in two great-tasting, coated flavours - New Fresh Fruit and Ice Mint - when the gum is chewed a combination of buffers, which raises the pH in the oral cavity, and the abrasive act of chewing contribute to the whitening action.

"Sixty per cent of smokers claim they have stained teeth and it's likely that is not something they want to show off," says Christine Da Costa, Senior Brand Manager, Nicorette(x). "Nicorette(x) Gum with Whitening is the first stop-smoking aid to offer Canadians an added cosmetic benefit - and whiter teeth are definitely something to smile about!"

Nova Scotia is all Smiles

During February and March 2006, the makers of Nicorette(x) celebrated the important role family and friends can play in inspiring smokers to quit with the Smile For The One You Love contest. Canadians affected by smoking were given the chance to show who they were smiling for, whether it was someone they want to or will quit smoking for, or a smile to support someone else. Six regional winners, chosen for their inspirational smiles and stories, were awarded exciting Canadian getaway trips for two, valued at $1,500 each.

New dad, Michael K of Wallace, Nova Scotia, is smiling for his newborn daughter! He waited 41 years for the proud day she was born, but as the first cigarette craving hit him in the hospital and he had to sneak away, he knew it was time to quit for his new little girl! With six months under his belt on his non-smoking journey, Michael now steps outside for deep breaths of fresh air instead, and remembers this choice is for him and his little girl.

All winning entries can be seen at

About Nicorette(x) Gum

Developed by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Nicorette(x) Gum with Whitening is a sucrose-free gum that contains nicotine and is available without a prescription. It is a medication and not an ordinary gum. Through the chewing technique - chew, chew, park - the nicotine is slowly released during chewing and is absorbed through the lining of the mouth.

Nicotine gum provides a lower level of nicotine to the blood than cigarettes, allowing smokers to gradually reduce the body's craving for nicotine. Nicorette(x) Gum works as a safe and effective aid to help quit smoking by reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms, when used as directed. Once the person stops smoking the cigarettes he or she "needs," getting rid of the "habit" cigarettes becomes much easier.

The smoker engaged in a quit attempt should take a piece of Nicorette(x) Gum as soon as he or she has a craving for a cigarette. The gum is part of a dosage program that is designed to gradually reduce the number of pieces of gum over a three-month treatment period. The recommended treatment with Nicorette(x) Gum is 10 to 20 pieces a day, gradually reducing to two to five pieces a day. After three months, treatment should cease all together.

Nicorette(x) Gum is available in all major pharmacies across Canada as well as in some grocery and convenience stores and gas stations. Nicorette(x) Gum is available in great tasting ice mint flavour, and fresh mint and fruit flavours and in two strengths, depending on when the smoker smokes his or her first cigarette of the day - 2 mg for those who smoke their first cigarette more than 30 minutes after waking up, and 4 mg for those who smoke their first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up.

About Pfizer

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare specializes in an extensive range of market-leading non-prescription healthcare products. With roots dating back to 1849, more than a century of innovation and consumer trust stand behind Pfizer products, including some of the most recognized and best-selling brands. From smoking cessation to cold and allergy relief and skin care, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare products are part of everyday life and also part of the Pfizer family. The most recognizable brands include: Nicorette(x) Gum, NicoDerm(x), Benylin(x), Listerine(x), Lubriderm(x), Polysporin(x), Reactine(x) and Zantac(x). In Canada, Pfizer employs more than 2,300 people across the country. For more information, visit

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(x) The brand names listed above are part of the Pfizer family of trademarks

(i) Canadian Dental Association, Your Oral Health - Tobacco & Oral Health;, visited on February 20, 2006

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