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February 05, 2007 16:10 ET

BTX Holdings, Inc. Successfully Completes Phase I Testing of Its Biomass Reduction Technology Prototype

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 5, 2007 -- BTX Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: BTXO), announced today that Phase I testing of its BRT machine has been completed. The machine successfully cycled continuously without any problems. The company is now prepared to begin Phase II testing which involves the actual processing of biomass waste.

The BioReduction machine, or BRT, can process raw biomass waste, such as fruit and vegetable waste, and others. These waste streams are fed into the machine either mechanically by hand, or automatically by conveyor system, and are ground into slurry so that the free water and other liquefied material can be extracted. The output is in the form of two streams, the first being a nutrient rich liquid which can be used in ethanol production, sold as fertilizer, or disposed of into the sewage system. The second stream consists of the solid waste which has been mechanically dehydrated to more than 50% of its original weight and volume. It can then be sold as animal fodder, disposed of using traditional methods or further processed using other methodologies to derive downstream value added products when a large enough stream can be produced.

Scott J. Silverman, BTX President and CEO, said, "After two years of development, the BRT Phase I testing has been successfully completed. We are encouraged that this technology is almost ready for market."

About BTX Holdings

BTX Holdings, Inc. is a technology company that develops, acquires and deploys technologies that extract usable products from biomass waste. BTX technologies will convert natural biomass waste products into low cost raw materials for alternative energy companies, as well as for other downstream value-added processes. These raw materials can then used to create fuels like Ethanol, or can be further processed to extract oils and essences, animal feed, industrial absorbents, beverage additives and others products. Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of the energy sector today, and BTX technologies will enable companies in this arena to lower production costs, use currently unutilized feed stocks, help the environment and reduce or eliminate waste disposal costs.

BTX Holdings, Inc. has acquired, is developing or is in the process of acquiring the global rights and/or patents to three different technologies. The company will continue to seek technologies that can complement its existing technologies. Its mission is to become the premier global biomass processor by utilizing its various processing technologies, and deriving value added products from their use.

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