May 27, 2005 00:01 ET

Buddyfit - Fitness for Friends

HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND--(CCNMatthews - May. 27, 2005) - If you can't remember where the gym is or are tired of those celebrities who seem to have it all from the personal trainer through to the lifestyle coach, then Buddyfit are definitely here to help you and your friends. Buddyfit is a new brand that is sweeping the country with their health and fitness programme that can be realistically applied to modern day living.

Many of us wish for that 'dream team' of specialists who are able to transform our bodies, lives and diets without having to spend hours in the gym or remortgage the house. Buddyfit are aware of this and have devised the hottest new lifestyle concept that allows you to work out with friends away from the gym environment. Buddyfit is spearheaded by David Fleckner and Rebecca Winters, conventional personal trainers who broke the mould after experiencing higher success rates by taking a more holistic approach and working with clients in their homes and local environments.

Buddyfit is a revolutionary lifestyle service that has an extremely well qualified and carefully selected network of trainers across the country that you and your friends can be matched with in seconds. The concept of Buddyfit is that in a ten week course their specialist trainers can come to your home and teach you and friends how to effectively utilise your local environment and work out in a group scenario. Working out in groups of friends is not only cost effective and safe but highly motivational and actually enjoyable! Many people also find the Buddyfit approach much less intimidating than joining a gym full of strangers.

Physical exercise is not the only aspect of the ten week programme and Buddyfit work with leading GMTV lifestyle coach Dawn Breslin as well as top nutritionist Vereker Norris to educate their clients on various aspects of health and fitness. This can range from stress management to post natal depression which is a particular target group of Dawn Breslins who has suffered from this in the past and used her experience to help others.

Buddyfit are resolute that the state of the nation's health isn't just because of the lack of exercise but too much conflicting information surrounding diet and exercise. Re-education is a key part of the Buddyfit philosophy and the company pride themselves on being able to give access to top industry professionals and even go as far as providing DVD's to complement the ten week course.

Buddyfit are extremely ambitious and are determined to make an impact on the nation's health and fitness. They are a young and passionate brand who genuinely care and are here to make a difference to the nation's health and happiness.

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