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Travel Alberta

June 16, 2008 08:00 ET

Buffalo Adventures Presents the Real Canadian West in a New Two-Day Destination-Based Tourism Attraction

All kinds of adventurers will enjoy these unique Prairie experiences!

WAINWRIGHT, ALBERTA and PROVOST, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 16, 2008) - Forget dull museums and static roadside cairns - no other prairie experience can top Buffalo Adventures unique combination of living history and live hospitality.

Buffalo Adventures is a new two-day, destination-based tourism attraction in east-central Alberta. On a typical day, guests will experience two three-hour adventures.

Aboriginal buffalo hunters, intrepid explorers, scheming railway builders, dedicated wildlife conservationists, long-suffering homesteaders, maverick oilmen and moonshine-swilling prisoners of war - these are just a few of the true western characters whose stories will captivate visitors as they enjoy this one-of-a-kind tour of the historical and cultural treasures in the real Canadian West.

At most, twelve guests will enjoy an adventure at one time, which makes for a truly personal experience. Each adventure is led by a local resident who is either still actively working in or newly retired from their field. These are true westerners with a genuine passion for their work and their way of life.

Adventures, meals and accommodations are pre-packaged and pre-arranged for our guests - one convenient payment covers everything except guests' vehicles. All guests have to do is show up at each adventure site and participate as much, or as little, as they wish.

Buffalo Adventures 2008 season runs on the following weeks: June 23-29, July 21-27 and August 11-17.

Current Buffalo Adventures include:

Let's Get Started! - tour the Former Buffalo National Park and the German officer Prisoner of War (POW) camp in Wainwright, now operating as one of Canada's most advanced military training bases. A herd of buffalo at the entry gate reflects the origins of the base, the former Buffalo National Park. Orientation for your remaining Buffalo Adventures continues at the old train station beside the main trans-Canada CNR line.

Dig in at Bodo - uncover the true Aboriginal culture of the plains at one of the richest archaeological dig sites in western Canada.

Buffalo Past and Present - examine an operating plains buffalo ranch, find out how today's buffalo wranglers go about their work, see buffalo up close, and learn about their history and habitat from experts in the field. Also sample bison cuisine and see some buffalo leather products.

Kemah Ranch Ruins - step back into the past and experience life as it was on the western Canadian prairies a century ago.

Food from the Land - the modern agriculture industry in harmony with nature. Tour farm land and learn how grain crops and grasses, through methods of rotational grazing, are used, in today's food production. Also visit a working cattle feedlot.

Rails across the West - discover the origins of Wainwright and countless other prairie towns by visiting a railway interpretive park featuring authentic equipment from the Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian National railways.

Up Close and Personal with Buffalo - see grazing wood buffalo, eat bison burgers, explore the differences between plains and wood bison and learn about the story of their conservation here in Wainwright.

Jewel of the Prairies - tour Alberta's largest rural neo-Gothic church and cemetery, and hear stories about the German settlers who built it by hand in 1922.

Horsepower After Horses - climb on (count 'em) 85 historical John Deere tractors at Glen Rock Farm and learn all about life on prairie farms in the years after the horse.

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