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March 01, 2011 05:01 ET

Build Your Bridge to Sales $uccess, Says New Book From Bridge Series Books

PROVIDENCE, RI--(Marketwire - March 1, 2011) - A concise new book, "Building Your Bridge to Sales $uccess," offers sales and success lessons from veteran entrepreneur Steve Gareau. Each chapter employs the metaphor of a bridge, relating the concept and sales skill that correlates to key bridge structures, followed by a takeaway.

Chapters include:

  • Listen to What Your Sixth Sense is Telling You
  • Your First Call on a Prospect or Customer
  • Think Like a CEO
  • Know When to Speak and When Not to Speak
  • Know What Your Customer is Buying
  • Make the Numbers Work in Your Favor
  • Stay Positive

Of his book's format, Steve remarks: "A bridge is a structure that gets you from where you are, over an obstacle like a river or gorge, to where you want to be. My book is a bridge to sales success laid out in careful, effective and manageable steps."

The book does all this in less than 100 pages.

Fred Green, Director, CEO Club of Boston, says: "Steve is a master salesman who has proven his ability to sell many times over, consistently, creatively, effectively. His book puts all his years of innovative selling experience in one place so other hard-working sales reps can do what he did: get good at it! Study Steve's book carefully... learn from the master!"

Kevin Grassa, President/CEO, Whitridge Associates, Inc. adds: "I loved Steve's book so much I ordered copies for my staff. I enjoyed the book's simplicity and his getting right to the point. Great common sense without having to read 'War and Peace,' a must-have 'bible' not only for sales but for other relationships in life."

Gareau started his first business while in college and was recognized as the youngest business owner to earn over a million dollars in a business's first year. He received the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award for business leaders in 2003. His most recent company is a four-time winner of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association's Diversity 2000 Award. He's available to speak at business events and consult with sales forces.

"Building Your Bridge to Sales $uccess" (Bridge Series Books, 2011), $18.95 plus shipping/handling and tax, is available at or by calling 617-835-2695, from, and independent bookstores.

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