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April 25, 2016 04:30 ET

Building a Network for Hoarding

Address Our Mess Building Contacts to Help Hoarders

BALTIMORE, MD and WASHINGTON, DC and VOORHEES, NJ and PHILADELPHIA, PA --(Marketwired - April 25, 2016) - Address Our Mess has been helping individuals with hoarding concerns to clear clutter and restore their residences. As hoarding experts, the company is aware that the hoarding condition is much more than the physical materials that clutter the property. With so many components involved with hoarding behavior, Address Our Mess has decided to develop a network of professionals to better understand and serve clients. From mental health professionals to property managers, Address Our Mess has been working to develop professional relationships so that individuals suffering from the hoarding condition can receive the assistance they need at a quicker and more efficient rate.

The hoarding condition is considered a mental condition due to the psychological aspects involved. Many people with hoarding behavior may have difficulty parting with various possessions, including items that the average person views as having little to no value. Sometimes traumatic experiences may be the cause of hoarding behavior, such as the loss of a loved one, which may result in the accumulation of sentimental clutter. When property conditions begin to take a toll due to hoarding behavior, various dangers may begin to arise, such as fire hazards or even biohazards. Due to the seriousness of the matter, hoarding conditions need to be properly addressed, which often requires more assistance than solely the cleanup process.

Servicing numerous locations on the eastern side of the United States (over 25 states), Address Our Mess has assisted with various cases that each require their own personalized approach. Though beginning with the cleanup process is a great start, it may not be the end of hoarding for some cases. Sometimes, even though the initial clutter may be cleared, hoarding behavior may continue and property conditions may return to a cluttered state. Due to such occurrences, Address Our Mess recommends the assistance of a qualified mental health professional to help address the psychological origin of the hoarding behavior. The company is developing connections with many professionals throughout the United States in order to help clients find additional helpful outlets.

In addition to therapists, Address Our Mess is also developing connections with other individuals who may come in contact with hoarding situations. Firefighters may become involved in hoarding cases if an emergency situation develops, for example. Hoarding conditions can be dangerous for the residents and emergency personnel alike. Address Our Mess is seeking to develop professional relationships with firefighters so both the company itself and the firefighters are better aware of how to handle hoarding situations in the most effective way possible. Other individuals who may come across hoarding situations include social workers, realtors, property managers, senior caregivers, etc. so Address Our Mess is trying to build a diverse network of connections to cover as many aspects of hoarding as possible.

Address Our Mess wants to improve the safety of those coping with hoarding, and in order to better accomplish this goal, a network of helpful sources can help make it possible. The company believes that teaming up with other professionals in various but relevant fields can help improve efforts to assist hoarding situations. Address Our Mess is building a network of such professionals scattered throughout the eastern side of the United States, connecting with people through various methods, such as personal contacts, social media outlets, and more to better know who is coming into contact with hoarding situations, learn the various methods used to help, and ensure that people with hoarding behavior receive the best help possible.

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