SOURCE: Bullion Monarch Mining Inc.

July 12, 2010 12:57 ET

Bullion Monarch's Subsidiary EnShale Energy Files for International Patent Protection in Five Countries

ST. GEORGE, UT--(Marketwire - July 12, 2010) -  EnShale Energy, a subsidiary of publicly held Bullion Monarch Mining (OTCBB: BULM), has completed the international patent application process to protect its proprietary method of producing oil from an abundant, high kerogen content rock known as oil shale. EnShale filed patents in Canada, Australia, China, Brazil, and Estonia which are all countries known to have large deposits oil shale. EnShale Energy has previously secured its technology with patents pending in the United States which has the largest known deposits of oil shale worldwide.

Bullion Monarch Mining has funded operations, R&D, and a pilot plant designed to prove EnShale's technology. This pilot plant, in its first run, has provided positive confirmation of the ability to produce a quality petroleum product. Laboratory analysis of this product by gas chromatography determined that most of the liquids were eluted as molecules with C5 to C42 with over 50.34% by C40. The spent shale product that was sampled and analyzed by Horizon Laboratories in Price, Utah showed over 89% of the contained Btu/lb. was successfully converted to oil product.

The next technological milestone for the EnShale pilot plant will be to achieve a sustained processing run as opposed to the less efficient batch processing. An important aspect of EnShale's method of producing oil at a target price under $30 per barrel is continuous operation of the processing plant.

"We are excited about the progress being made with the pilot plant and the groundswell of recent support the oil shale industry is experiencing," stated CEO James Morris. He continued, "From government officials looking for new economic opportunities in alternative energy, to citizens concerned about the environmental and sociopolitical dangers of traditional oil production methods, to an oil shale company being embraced by Wall Street and ringing the opening bell recently, the winds of change seem to be blowing in our direction."

About EnShale Energy
EnShale was formed in 2005 to address an emerging alternative energy opportunity. The company, with its solution to exploit an unconventional and virtually untapped domestic energy source, is uniquely positioned to become a world leader in alternative energy. EnShale has employed various research, design and engineering companies in the development of its proprietary technology. A comprehensive modeling of the proprietary process was completed by the U.S. Department of Energy (Idaho National Lab) which established the validity of the design. EnShale Energy has also secured 4,650 acres of State of Utah School Trust Land leases that have been estimated to contain a 667 million barrel oil resource. The company funded the design, construction, and operation of a demonstration processing facility through its publicly traded parent company Bullion Monarch Mining (OTCBB: BULM).

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