June 03, 2015 13:00 ET

BumeBox Enhances Celebrity Q&As With SOLO™

Public Figures Can Now Broadcast Live Facebook Q&A Sessions With Fans From Anywhere

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 3, 2015) - BumeBox (, a platform that powers meaningful social media conversation between fans and the public figures they follow, today announced the launch of SOLO™ for the easiest way to hold Q&A sessions with massive fan bases in real-time. Using their mobile device, public figures can now instantly launch a Q&A session on Facebook -- with the enhanced abilities to uncover authentic fan questions and mute out the irrelevant or negative noise. With a single tap, celebrities and politicians can now broadcast exclusive direct-to-fan content from anywhere.

With Solo, instead of experiencing a chaotic fan free-for-all, celebrities will now have the ability to view highlighted lists of "Suggested Questions", based on proprietary intelligence developed by BumeBox, to help navigate the discussion to more relevant topics.

"Our vision is to make social media chats with millions of fan followers as easy as texting with friends. Fans are better served when celebrities can answer real questions instead of wasting time scrolling through nonsense from trolls," said Jon Fahrner, BumeBox Founder and CEO. "With Solo, social media Q&A is no longer a chore for celebrities; it becomes a fun, stress-free conversation with interested fans. Ultimately fans win because they are going to have many more uninterrupted conversation with the icons that they love to tune into."

Politicians will now be able to hold Q&A sessions to learn in real-time what issues are important to voters. Athletes will be able to hold coherent, direct-to-fan post game interviews. Actors will be able to field questions from a social audience during a TV program without having to scroll through marriage proposals, hate messages or off topic nonsense.

Key Features of Solo

  • One-Touch Live Q&A Broadcast - Launch a live Facebook Q&A in a matter of seconds from any mobile device.
  • Suggested Questions - Proprietary natural language intelligence technology calls out relevant questions based on the identity of the host; factors may include the celebrity's current projects, career accomplishments, and other newsworthy items (Example: "Will you follow me?" vs. "What championship was the most rewarding?").
  • Topic Search - Hosts will now have the ability to search for the specific topics they want to address through a powerful keyword search.
  • Real-Time Insights - Provides a bird's-eye view of how many fans are tuning into a Q&A and gives public figures visibility into the main conversation topics they are most discussing.
  • Alerts - Offers the ability to see when famous friends jump into the conversation to increase the likelihood of celebrity to celebrity banter that fans love.

Solo was created from feedback that BumeBox received after supporting hundreds of high profile social media Q&As with major media partners and public figures including Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Harvey, Nicki Minaj, Gerard Pique, Seth Meyers, Tom Jones, Zac Efron, Trey Songz and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Solo is available by invite-only and currently supports Facebook Q&A. Additional updates -- including video answers to fan questions -- are scheduled for later this month. For more information about Solo, please visit

About BumeBox
BumeBox is a conversational technology platform that's improving the Q&A experience for media organizations and celebrities that want to create truly engaging social experiences. Through a full integration with Twitter and Facebook, BumeBox enables authentic and streamlined interactions between celebrity influencers and their fans. Typically challenged by spam and other disruptions, massive fan Q&As are often difficult to manage. BumeBox technology filters out the unwanted noise and surfaces high value fan conversation, solving the many-to-one problem. By providing fans with direct access to their favorite celebrities, BumeBox helps media companies to develop brand affinity or accomplish promotional goals via an authentic experience. 

Founded in 2011, BumeBox is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit or check out on Twitter.

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