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Bunseki Software Authority

September 10, 2012 11:35 ET

Bunseki Software Authority, Unique Software Litigation Services

Reveals Hidden Information, Strengthens Arguments

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - September 10, 2012) -  Software litigation teams are flooded with discovery materials containing evidence to support their legal case. Bunseki Software Authority (Bunseki) provides tools and services to process large volumes of data in order to reveal arguments that otherwise remain hidden.  As a result, a client's arguments are strengthened with irrefutable, empirical evidence.

"Our approach at Bunseki addresses two primary goals," explained Bunseki Software Authority President Martin B. Greenman.  "First, our software tools attack the mountain of data to reveal important information otherwise missed by human review.  Second, the legal team is given the strategic advantage of timely, relevant information."

With Bunseki, litigation strategy, settlement negotiations, and scheduling of depositions can be fast tracked, providing a significant advantage over the opposition.

The technology behind Bunseki is what makes the service different.  

"We have a proprietary software tools suite that pre-analyzes the case related materials," said Greenman.  "These tools generate objective metrics from software, software artifacts, and documents.  The result is a prioritized report of relevant items to be reviewed by the legal team's expert witness."

By focusing on identified items of relevance, the expert's time is better spent.

In addition to their software tools suite, Bunseki offers expert witness services to clients. Their experts have a diverse array of software technology experience.

"Our experts are vetted based on their knowledge, integrity, and past experience," said Greenman.  "They leverage objective metrics and independent analysis to strengthen their reports and testimony."

Bunseki Software Authority combines its proprietary software technology with experienced software experts to offer unique services to an industry in need of comprehensive, irrefutable results.

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