March 07, 2013 10:01 ET

Burn the Fat Blog Shares Body Recomposition Tips To Encourage and Inspire All To Stay Fit

Tom Venuto, author of the bestselling diet e-book "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" is now sharing body recomposition secrets over his Burn the Fat blog. With articles written on a variety of topics, Venuto's Burn the Fat blog both encourages and inspires all individuals to get in shape and be healthy.

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY--(Marketwire - March 7, 2013) - Losing weight and keeping it off can be a struggle for some, but with Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat blog, staying healthy has never been more inspiring. Tom Venuto, a bodybuilding champion, diet coach and author, has created a blog that inspires and encourages all to get fit and stay fit, regardless of their fitness past.

Unlike other weight-loss websites and blogs, www.burnthefatblog.com believes in helping individuals lose weight and sculpt their body in an entirely natural, hormone-free and steroid-free way. Venuto does not endorse nutritional supplements or pills; like his bestselling e-book and weight-loss program, Venuto's blog focuses on sculpting the body and creating a healthy lifestyle without artificial supplements.

Burn the Fat blog shares weight-loss and body recomposition secrets that will encourage all to get healthy, from fitness junkies to new mothers. The blog encompasses a variety of topics that help with fat loss and body recomposition. Just a few of the topics that Venuto's informative blog covers include: cardio training, metabolism, weight training and exercise, weight loss, and recipes.

While Venuto's expertise and qualifications make this blog educational for all looking to make a lifestyle change, Burn the Fat blog also includes guest blogs. Guest blog posts from professional trainers and nutrition experts only add to the already informative blog.

Burn the Fat blog is not focused on a particular group of people; rather, the blog caters to and inspires all who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Fitness junkies can just as easily select a category in the blog that appeals to them as a new mother looking to lose weight after her pregnancy. Catering to all people and to all body types is part of Venuto's goal. Venuto explains, "There is no one size fits all program when it comes to weight loss," which is why the blog caters to a variety of individuals.

Burn the Fat blog can be read in conjunction with Tom Venuto's "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle," a diet program that has now become an Internet sensation. Originating from a study done by William Sheldon, Venuto's body recomposition program focuses on teaching individuals about the different body types out there, and how each body type burns fat.


Tom Venuto is a bodybuilding champion, trainer, and fat loss coach. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to Venuto, as is helping others achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals. In addition to being an author of the bestselling e-book "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle," Venuto has also featured in reputable publications such as Men's Fitness and Oprah Magazine. Venuto encourages all dieters to embrace their unique body type, and his blog reinforces healthy lifestyle habits. For more information, visit burnthefatblog.com.

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