Pacific MultiSport Centre of Excellence

Pacific MultiSport Centre of Excellence

July 27, 2005 15:29 ET

Burnaby Poised to Host Premiere High Performance Training Centre.

Olympic athletes, local politicians and a who's who of the sports community met yesterday to announce proposed state-of-the-art training centre for high-performance athletes. Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Health/Medical Editor, News Editor, Sports Editor BURNABY/BC--(CCNMatthews - July 27, 2005) - Olympic athletes, local politicians and a who's who of the sports community met yesterday in Burnaby's Bill Copeland Sports Centre for the most exciting sports news since the announcement of the 2010 Olympics.

What began two years ago as a dream to create a new training facility for young athletes has evolved to become a vision for a world-class centre for sports medicine and rehabilitation, training, and performance enhancement. The Pacific MultiSport Centre of Excellence is still a dream, but a solidly researched and well-planned dream which, with the support of the citizens of Burnaby and the entire BC sports community, will become a reality by the summer of 2007.

Back in 2003 former competitive athlete Scott Cousens was looking into the possibility of building a high performance soccer training facility. Not only would this serve as a venue for his young sons to develop their skills, but also it would enable Cousens, a successful venture capitalist, to give back to his community.

Cousens enlisted the help of Loyal Makaroff, a business consultant specializing in creating innovative solutions to business problems. They soon discovered that athletes, coaches, trainers, and sport organizations at every level said the same thing: that British Columbia has long needed a major training, performance enhancement and sports rehabilitation facility. Through much research and many discussions it emerged that the centrally located and very sports-oriented City of Burnaby was the ideal location for such a centre, building on that city's history of athletic success and complementing existing sports venues offered by the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex East and West.

As an athlete whose own career had been sidelined by injuries, Cousens realized that access to the proper facilities and personnel might have enabled him to continue his sports career. What a great gift it would be to the community to enable another generation of athletes to have such a valuable resource.

Offering dynamic, high-end professional services and state-of-the-art strength and conditioning equipment for both winter and summer sports, the Centre will bring together under one roof a collaborative team of world-class, high performance sport science specialists, sport medicine professionals, coaches and team trainers. Recognizing that injury prevention, primary care, rehabilitation and therapy are all interconnected, the Pacific MultiSport Centre of Excellence will be a fully integrated facility. Professionals will be able to share information and education, refer athletes to other professionals working under the same guiding philosophy, and ultimately develop a unique brand of education and programs.

All aspects of the Centre will be integrated with grass roots community development of sport, encouraging healthy lifestyles and promoting physical activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being. Reaching out to the community through educational programs, collaboration with local school activities, the Centre will nurture and support athletes at every level.

Economically self-sustaining, the Centre will be operated as a partnership between limited partnership investors and a non-profit society. The Pacific MultiSport Centre of Excellence will be an unequalled community resource and a source of pride for Burnaby, the region, and all of Canada.

The proposal for the Pacific MultiSport Centre of Excellence begins with the purchase and rezoning of an approximate six acre parcel of land in Burnaby located at the northwest corner of the Sprott Street and Kensington Avenue intersection. The land will be purchased from the City of Burnaby at current market values. Following the application's consideration by Council, it is expected to receive First Reading later this summer and be advanced to a Public Hearing in the fall. Second Reading is expected to follow shortly after the Public Hearing. If all goes well, Final Adoption of the rezoning bylaw amendment could occur this winter with construction beginning next spring. Twelve months of turning a vision into a reality would see the doors open in the spring of 2007.

"We are very excited about the plans for the Pacific MultiSport Centre of Excellence," said Cousens. "We have done our homework and believe that this project is very viable and will provide our community with the sports training facility that we have needed for many years. The Pacific MultiSport Centre of Excellence will create an unparalleled legacy for the advancement of sport in Canada and provide significant assistance to Canada's athletes far beyond the 2010 Olympics."

"We look forward to bringing our vision to the sports community and the wider public and enlisting their enthusiastic support as this project moves ahead."

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