SOURCE: Ad Hoc Labs, Inc.

Ad Hoc Labs, Inc.

August 08, 2012 09:15 ET

Burner Delivers Instant Privacy to the iPhone

New Service Makes It Easy to Create, Share, and Destroy Phone Numbers

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 8, 2012) - Have you ever given someone your phone number and wish you hadn't? Now there's an app for that: Burner, created by Ad Hoc Labs and launching publicly today on the iOS platform, issues disposable phone numbers at the touch of a button. Burner is available in the iTunes App Store at, for $1.99.

Burner is ideal for dating, buying and selling online, posting via social media, and many more use cases. Simply give the number to anyone you like, keep it active for as long as you like, then burn it when you're through.

"Burner is for anyone who has more than one life -- or who simply values their privacy," says founder & CEO Greg Cohn. "People are using their mobile phones all the time, and using SMS more and more for day-to-day tasks. Protecting your privacy is harder than ever." Burner solves this problem.

"Phone numbers are part of an old network that is getting dumber, in relative terms, by the day," says Cohn. "You give out your number, and it's all or nothing; it's out there forever. And in the era of Facebook and social networking, we know the phone can be a lot smarter. Burner is the first piece of this vision."

Cohn adds that if you want to ask him about any of this, his number is 323-686-6838 -- for the time being.

Once activated, each Burner number becomes a fully featured private line that lets users:

  • Place voice calls and send text messages
  • Label each line to identify who's calling
  • Share phone numbers to Facebook or Twitter
  • Turn the ringer and notifications on and off

Best of all, users can "burn" a number at any time, erasing that number instantly, and forever. Future callers will hear nothing more than, "...the number you are calling is not in service..."

Burner works by bridging calls from your mobile phone to the person you're talking to. Your Burner number displays as your caller ID, so your real phone remains private.

Burner comes with one short-duration "mini-burner." You can buy more numbers, or extend them, through in-app purchases at a starting price of $1.99 for 3 credits, enough to create one 7-day burner number.

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Ad Hoc Labs, Inc. is a privately held software development company based in Los Angeles, CA. Co-founders Greg Cohn (formerly of Yahoo!, and several prior startups) and Will Carter (formerly of Nokia, and whose previous efforts include several early and innovative mobile and location apps) want to re-invent the phone network.

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