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August 02, 2012 07:27 ET

Burnout Threatens More and More Businesses - Global Players Take Action

LONDON--(Marketwire - Aug 2, 2012) - Located conveniently close to the centre of London, there is a small oasis where companies send their managers and top leaders. This is a wise move, since the burnout of these valuable employees could cost the company easily in excess of 3000EUR per day, as indicated by a recent study of SINTEF and NHO.

London Meditation offers an online Burnout-Check. If an employee is assessed to be at risk after this test, he or she will have a personal interview to identify their risk factors and to delineate how to counteract the threat of burnout individually through coaching, special workshops or programmes.

The results shown fulfil the promise that burnout can be prevented, if the symptoms are recognised at an early stage and responded to appropriately.

Global players such as Google, Apple, Intel and Facebook have already identified this as a potentially dangerous cost to their companies and have implemented Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBI) in their day-to-day business life. According to the WHO, each case of burnout equates to 30.4 days of absenteeism.

At London Meditation, we are very aware of the relevant and, sometimes, surprising research evidence arising from studies in various organisations:

  • 46% of employees interviewed categorised relaxation opportunities in their direct work environment from important to very important.
  • 42% of responders would definitely consider mindfulness techniques for relaxation and stress reduction.
  • 57% of organisations agreed that they would be prepared to provide rooms equipped with mats and meditation cushions, understanding the direct positive results for enhanced employee performance.
  • Most of these organisations saw having an internal mindfulness coach to facilitate lunch time meditations and to support their colleagues as the best way to maintain this.

Interview excerpt with Albert G. Tobler from London Meditation and SpotNews Europe (SNE)

SNE: Mr Tobler, there are quite a view studies about Work-Life-Balance. What is your opinion?

Albert G. Tobler: Recent studies show, that very slowly, the long-ignored need for a more mindful work environment has begun to reach the scope of the organisations. The work place is the space where we spend more than a third of our day and, for many people, even more. If we are not able to get moments of rest and relaxation during our working day, we will be totally exhausted after work, only to arrive home and find ourselves having to deal with the challenges of our private or family life. Relaxation may be postponed to the weekend and many are not able to rest even then. I'm not talking about various opportunities for relaxation; I'm talking about the lost ability to relax, to simply switch off completely.

SNE: So how can we cope than with these constant demands even after work and on the weekend?

Albert G. Tobler: By setting time aside for yourself, consciously, and on a daily basis. I can hear the demur of a lot of busy people: "I do not have time!" But when it comes to the first signs of burnout, the question is, can you afford not to have time? For us at London Meditation and for our corporate clients and individual participants, mindfulness is not some esoteric thing, as it is sometimes alleged to be. Let's have a closer look at the word meditation. We like to write it like Me-ditation and so you can see that me-ditation means me-time, time for my-self. Our participants: managers, lawyers, actors, finance people and people in public service, are practicing what they have learned at London Meditation on a daily basis, to train their mental muscles, to stay healthy and to optimise their performance rather than becoming ill. And they are doing so by being able to respond differently to stress and workload. The testimonials we get from our participants speak clear and loud and confirm that MbM-Management by Meditation™ (as we have trademarked our mindfulness approach for 'humans at work') is the right way not only to protect them from the danger of burn-out, but also to enhance their private lives

SNE: Mr Tobler thanks you very much for this short interview and we wish all the best for the future.

To make the Burnout-Check, please use this link:

Corporate History

Human Communication was first established in Germany as a service provider dedicated to improve the communication of human beings in their work-life. When the company owner moved to London for business reasons, Human Communication Ltd was incorporated at Companies House for England and Wales in 1999.

MbM-Management by Meditation™ was defined in form and content by Albert G. Tobler and registered as the Trade Mark of Human Communication Ltd in the year 2004 to protect the Work of Susann Herrmann: "...the synergy of psychology and meditation."

The London Meditation Group was founded in 2005 by Susann Herrmann and Albert G. Tobler to share the experience of Active Meditation as part of daily life with friends and neighbours.

Susann Herrmann took over the company in 2006 as sole proprietor and since 2008 London Meditation has been the Trading Name (Label) of Human Communication Ltd.

The Founders

Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA):

Trained as banker (Degree in Banking Business Economics and General Vocational Training Supervision) and Clinical and Occupational Psychologist (German Diploma Degree "Dipl.-Psychologin" -- MA equivalent) as well as supervisor (Certificate "Methodology and Practice of Group Dynamics"). She has gained skills from:

19 years meditation experiences
17 years experience working with people in groups
14 years work experience in the financial services field
12 years of working internationally (Human Communication)
7 years driving the concept of MbM-Management by Meditation™
7 years of working as clinical and occupational psychologist
6 years of developing London Meditation 6 years as sole proprietor of Human Communication Ltd

Albert G. Tobler (AC Accreditation)

Was trained as deacon (church officer) and also in areas such as socio-marketing and socio-management, pastoral care, project management and various therapeutic approaches. Albert has gained knowledge and skills from:

36 years meditation experiences
34 years of learning & development
29 years of coaching (personal, team, performance, talent, executive)
24 years of business development (start-up, change, concept)
15 years of working internationally
7 years driving the concept of MbM-Management by Meditation™
6 years of developing London Meditation

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