July 03, 2012 13:00 ET

Business Confidence Boosted by the Right Business Marketing Plans

ProLeaders Business Advisors Help Small and Medium Businesses with Marketing Management

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - July 3, 2012) - ProLeaders - Despite the fact that the vast majority of small and medium business owners - those who own businesses with fewer than 1,500 employees - met their financial expectations in first quarter 2012, a large percentage still don't have confidence in the future, said a recent survey. Business owners attribute this lack of confidence, in part, to their inability to acquire new customers. According to seasoned business advisors, ProLeaders, acquiring new customers is much easier with the right business marketing plans.

"Many business owners are confused about marketing," said Lisa Terrenzi, co-founder and CEO of ProLeaders. "One of the big misconceptions, for example, is that marketing is the same as advertising. But marketing is not just putting a product on sale or placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine or on TV. Good business marketing plans do result in sales but they need to be laser focused and fully executed. In fact, good marketing management can make all the difference between successful expansion or market contraction."

"Business owners who don't understand marketing and its relationship to advertising, public relations and sales, often cut back on their marketing budget when times are tough," said Ms. Terrenzi. "But," she added, "that's one of the biggest mistakes a company can make."

"I can't tell you how many times I've heard business owners say they're cutting back their marketing budget because 'people aren't buying.' Well, sure they are. There might not be as many people buying as there were, but even a 10 percent decline in business - whether it's the number of people buying automobiles, taking vacations, or buying new furniture - is enough to make headlines and start business owners worrying. However, 90 percent of the people who were buying are still in the market." Ms. Terrenzi explained. "With fewer buyers, it's more important than ever to pour the coals onto your marketing activities, letting prospects know you're there, and that you have what they want. Don't let the bean counters save your company into bankruptcy."

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