Business Destinations

Business Destinations

February 20, 2015 09:38 ET

Business Destinations Unravels the New Orleans Recovery

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Feb. 20, 2015) - All but demolished by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has since instrumented a recovery bordering on the miraculous and become a key cultural and business hub for travellers across the globe. The new issue of Business Destinations takes a look at how the city has come up against the forces of nature and a financial crisis, only for its citizens to emerge more resilient and determined than ever before.

The Business Destinations special report touches on what the future might hold for New Orleans now that the economy is back on course, as well as the impressive connection that its inhabitants seem to have with the city. "New Orleans experienced a setback in 2005 that few cities would find easy to recover from," reads the Business Destinations report. "That it is returning to any semblance of prosperity is testament to the determination of its citizens and the unique and varied character that the city possesses."

The new issue of Business Destinations also takes a look at the highs and lows of the international amusement park industry, Moscow's dwindling tourism prospects and the battle between several Asian countries to attract more international tourists. What's more, the magazine features an exclusive interview with award-winning mountaineer Jeff Fuchs about his seven-month, 5,000km-long trek along the Tea Horse Road, and delves into how the airline industry is working to repair its reputation in the wake of three high-profile tragedies.

For a look at the best stories in the travel and tourism world and an insight into the changing face of business travel, the new issue of Business Destinations is available in print and online now.

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