July 26, 2012 15:00 ET

Business Development Firm Speaks on TV Tech Venture

Business Developer & Private Lender Ajene Watson, LLC Announces Involvement With OpenVision Networks

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 26, 2012) - AJENE WATSON, LLC (AWLLC) announced today that the company has taken a committed interest in emerging technology company OpenVision Networks (OVN) -- an App based online international television platform.

"We have kept this one 'close to the vest,' only letting our close business associates know of the existence of this company and our anticipated involvement," stated Ajene Watson, Executive Manager of AJENE WATSON, LLC. "For roughly three years we have watched this company from the peripheral. It wasn't until this past year [2011] that we began planning a funding and development strategy for OpenVision Networks."

Keeping this gem quiet would have been nearly impossible given on this day, DeAndre Cortez Way (a.k.a. Soulja Boy), in partnership with OpenVision Networks, will launch (during today's birthday event) an international channel -- SODMG TV (Channel 42) -- on the OVN network.

Like Magic Johnson and Sean "Diddy" Combs, who have both entered the TV industry with plans of launching their own U.S. networks, DeAndre Cortez Way (Soulja Boy) has also leaped into the fray. Yet, Soulja Boy is distinctly different from both Johnson and Combs. 

Soulja Boy is arguably one of the most notable and powerful cyberspace influencers in the world. He has decided to again be that innovator and risk taker, launching SODMG TV (Channel 42) on the first international television network platform in the world -- OpenVision Network. This meaning, while international fans will not readily have access to Diddy though U.S. cable networks, Soulja Boy's international fan base will have immediate access to DeAndre no matter what county they reside or travel to. This seems to be the power of OpenVision Networks. Ajene Watson however suggests the international piece is just a fraction of what makes OVN so special.

Watson continued, "We are very particular when it comes to choosing our long-term development/funding clients; especially those that are private. OVN will demand incredible amounts of exposure and risk. However, we anticipate this venture will become one of our most public successes... perhaps, having found our Facebook... a global and social game changer."

Based on Soulja Boy's overwhelming cyberspace presence, Ajene expects SODMG TV (Channel 42) will deliver as many as one million subscribers to OVN over time. 

Watson also intends to launch a financial news channel with investment and marketing partners in October 2012 -- dedicated to the micro-cap markets. Ajene believes it will be independent channels like SODMG TV (Channel 42) and his pending financial news channel that will initially drive the OVN platform. "But I do believe it will only be a matter of time before mainstream channels like Fox and NBC jump from the expensive linier U.S. cable network model, to our more nimble and flexible international television platform," said Watson.

Ajene Watson concluded, "This is the global social TV network we've alluded to in the past; and yes, it is a bold move. But who would pass up the opportunity to be part of what may prove to be one of the most disruptive technologies since the advent of the web? OVN may potentially be the very first online platform to seamlessly combine the function of the cable network platform (i.e. Time Warner) with social media communications (i.e. Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus, etc.), and allow global access to international television programming online, by way of a patented, non URL, App-based technology. iPhone, Android, Tablets, PCs... You have got to check it out."

About OpenVision Networks

OpenVision Networks, Inc. (OVN) is the first -- and currently the only -- NON URL Web-based digital communication company providing linear broadcast television services (Comcast, Direct TV, Time Warner, etc) through an online platform. Through OVN, viewers can experience real high definition television complete with channels and pay-per-view offerings through a multitude of media devices (desktop/laptop computers, Apple mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iTouch), Android, any web connected smart phone and other tablets); OVN television programming can also be transmitted, in true high definition (1080i), to ordinary televisions, high definition wide screen TV, smart televisions and/or other monitors.

OVN owns the patents to an intellectual property and proprietary technology which allows viewers to watch traditional broadcast television and non-traditional video programming through a NON URL online platform. This sophisticated and unmatched online broadcast system affords viewers the easy ability to change Channels ("channel surf") just as they would with traditional TV. The exception of course being, OVN is watched primarily on mobile devices and/or computer systems. 

OVN is currently in the process of aligning itself with "traditional" scheduled television providers, Pay-Per-View shows and Subscription programming. OVN is also opening the platform to more unique video providers, in order to deliver a much more diverse and engaging array of viewing options for international viewers. 

OpenVision is the new television broadcast network, and the only singular network with worldwide reach.

iPhone, Android, Tablets, PCs -- Check it out!


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