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February 23, 2011 08:00 ET

Business, Government Groups Make Progress With New Book's Intuitive Principles for Leadership

The PRIMES Enables Bold Problem Solving, Organizational Transformation

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - February 23, 2011) - Companies and government agencies are finding they are more effective at solving large-scale problems and fostering transformation when leaders deploy the simple yet powerful insights in The PRIMES, a new book with 32 universal principles of leadership and group dynamics that lead to extraordinary outcomes. Organizations including the federal Office of Management and Budget, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and CONSOL Energy have benefited from The PRIMES. 

Authored by Chris McGoff, an expert in organizational transformation and complex problem solving and founder of The Clearing, The PRIMES are insights distinguished by their widespread applicability and simplicity. For example, the CORE PRIME identifies five essential agreements any group must make to successfully manage large-scale problem solving, change or transformation.

The book is a culmination of McGoff's 25 years of helping large organizations address multi-departmental problems and finding unforeseen solutions. First scratched on the back of napkins, The PRIMES often presented themselves to McGoff when teams were stuck on a problem and realized that the group's behavior was impacting the outcome. The PRIMES have guided federal agencies toward an e-government platform, and revamped inter-departmental logistics between civilian and defense agencies.

"On a strategic level, The PRIMES allow us to do more than just fix past practices, they enable leaders to focus on outcomes and envision a new future," says McGoff. "On a tactical level, they enable leaders to improve their skills, manage risk and get the most from their teams. Leaders we share these insights with report that they feel more confident in creating powerful visions and taking on complex technical projects. They gain mastery in leading through uncertainty."

McGoff's motivation for writing The PRIMES was to inspire leaders, consultants, group facilitators and organization development specialists to identify and drive large-scale change with a firm commitment to bold visions and achievable outcomes. Too often, outcomes are limited or non-existent because problem solving gets bogged down in the details and in cultures resistant to change. 

Sample PRIMES are:

  • DYNAMIC INCOMPLETENESS recognizes that people resist completeness. The greatest visions are inspiring, ennobling and empowering because they're incomplete. They touch people deeply and move them to say, "Yes, I'm inspired by what's here, and I can fill in some of the holes." This PRIME reveals the balance between the need for a leader to set out ideas about the future and to leave some things for the group to figure out.
  • CONSENSUS holds that people can live with an outcome they don't like if they believe the decision-making process was fair and they have been personally treated honorably. Decisions that respect the CONSENSUS PRIME generally are more broadly supported and, as a result, more effective -- even without everyone agreeing on every decision.
  • RIGHT VS. RIGHT dilemmas recognize that often when people argue, both their positions are "right" and in pursuit of a common good. Leaders who prevent the situation from turning into a "right vs. wrong" debate can help honor both points of view and often achieve an effective solution more quickly.

More details, including video explanations and graphical depictions, are available at The PRIMES. Published by Victory Publishers, an imprint of Morgan James Publishing, The PRIMES is available at:

  • Amazon, both in paperback and for the Kindle e-reader
  • Borders in paperback
  • Barnes and Noble, in paperback and for the Nook e-reader, and
  • 800CeoRead for bulk purchases.

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Chris McGoff is the Founder of The Clearing, a management consulting firm built on an outcomes-oriented methodology captured in the new softcover The PRIMES. The firm's approach enables organizations to solve complex problems and achieve extraordinary outcomes because it simplifies the way that groups reach consensus and decisions are made. Because of The PRIMES' universal application, the company has been a successful catalyst for change and transformation at the highest levels of the federal government and industry, including the federal Office of Management and Budget, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and CONSOL Energy.

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