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Chemaphor Inc.

August 10, 2009 09:00 ET

Business Update: Chemaphor Developing a Food Animal and Companion Animal Product Platform

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 10, 2009) - In marking its fourth anniversary since its founding through the amalgamation of Triumph Acquisition Corporation Inc. with Occell Inc., Chemaphor (TSX VENTURE:CFR) today provided a general update on its business.

Chemaphor has lately been focusing its chemistry and biology expertise on the discovery and development of natural health products. As a result of this fundamental research and development applied to natural health and wellness, Chemaphor believes that it now has identified product opportunities in the health and wellness markets that are strongly supported by good science. The majority of Chemaphor's resources are now directed toward developing and commercializing natural products, directly or with partners, and Chemaphor has been developing and will continue to develop an internal infrastructure to better enable it to source, discover, test, develop and commercialize, directly or via partnership, health and wellness products for animals and humans. Chemaphor intends to implement its commercialization strategies for products that will enter the companion animal health (pet health) market and for a feed product for food animals (examples include poultry, pork, and dairy and beef cattle).

Chemaphor's companion animal product initiative has been run and scientifically supported through work performed at Chemaphor's laboratories located at the National Research Council of Canada Institute for Nutrisciences and Health in Prince Edward Island. Chemaphor has been developing a proprietary product that, based on preliminary results from a first clinical trial of this product with dogs, Chemaphor believes will help reduce inflammation in companion animals to thereby positively impact allergic skin disorders and joint disease. Most notably for this study, older dogs with impaired mobility and decreased levels of activity appear to have shown distinct improvements in these areas. Further work is required before any product would be available for purchase, but patent applications have been filed on this product and market use. Chemaphor is moving to develop a range of products to address a variety of needs ranging from dog treats marketed in the retail sector to products that meet needs in the global veterinary market.

From a food animal perspective, Chemaphor is involved in the development of an in-feed product to optimize the health and productivity of chickens, in addition to making preparations to extend the application to include health maintenance and productivity enhancement in pork, dairy and beef cattle. If successfully developed, such products will be aimed at improving the health of the animal, optimizing feed conversion into body mass and maximizing the growth potential of the animal. Chemaphor's product for this market has been tested by independent, third party, global leaders in the field and has shown results that compare well to those of antibiotics used as growth promoters. The European Union banned antibiotic growth promoters in 2006 and very recently President Obama's Administration strongly advocated eliminating the use of antibiotic growth promoters in the United States, in which country such use accounts for an estimated 70% of all antibiotic consumption, including human use. Chemaphor views these moves as strong indicators of a need for a non-antibiotic growth promoter for food animal production. Chemaphor is engaged in the process of seeking the best opportunity to partner with significant commercialization organizations in the animal food and feed markets. While there can be no guarantee of partnership success or of timing of such partnership, management of Chemaphor is already in discussions with potential partners.

In looking beyond the near-term and core focus opportunities, Chemaphor will aim to maximize the value of its natural products, with unique, proprietary profiles. Chemaphor is also exploring the use of its products for human dermal use, as an anti-proliferative, immune enhancer and inflammation suppressor, as well as using its products as an immunity enhancer for aquatic fish species, although the research for such applications is in the preliminary stages only and could not result in any product applications in the near or mid term.

Throughout the past four years Chemaphor has followed its philosophy of observing the fundamental importance of conducting innovative world-class research, protecting it with the appropriate patents, and, establishing collaborations with major corporate, and research partners, all the while building a cohesive team of high caliber people with complementary talents focused on the development of natural products of value to its customers. Under the leadership of CEO Dr. Paul Dick, Chemaphor is building a comprehensive network of supporting experts and consultants. In addition, a world class Advisory Team headed by John Oliver has been convened to provide guidance to Chemaphor's management and to advise on new technology opportunities and possible acquisition targets.

Dr. Dick notes "Chemaphor is in an important time of product development which we hope will lead to a platform of product opportunities ranging from food animals, to pets, and beyond. With our planned, focused approach Chemaphor will seek entry into the market place of value added, revenue generating products, as well as a longer term "life plan" products having different applications, different physical forms, and, different value propositions to our customers. The Chemaphor management team will be providing additional insights into its progress through additional press releases as it achieves its corporate milestones."

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Chemaphor Inc. ( uses its core expertise in chemistry to develop premium products for the animal health, skin care cosmetics, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical markets. Chemaphor's goal is to fully exploit its proprietary platform of carotenoid oxidation compounds by finding recognized partners to commercialize its products in multiple, large markets.

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