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March 18, 2013 08:17 ET

Business Users Achieve Secure and Simple File Transfers Leveraging Solutions From Attachmate

Enhanced Managed File Transfer Products Enable Easy, Reliable and Secure File Exchanges Benefiting End Users and IT

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Mar 18, 2013) - Attachmate Corporation today announced the availability of Attachmate® Reflection® for Secure IT Web Edition 8.0, a new addition to its Reflection for Secure IT product suite, and Attachmate® FileXpress® FileShot™ 1.9, an enterprise-class managed file transfer product that simplifies large file transfers between users. The new versions of FileXpress FileShot and Reflection for Secure IT address ease-of-use concerns, reliability, and data security challenges associated with user-driven file transfers.

"As passionate providers of managed file transfer solutions, we wanted to take reliable file transfer for users to the next level," said Sam Morris, director, product marketing and product management at Attachmate. "By providing easy-to-use tools that keep data secure during file transfers, we are maximizing the value of the solution for both the business user and IT."

FileXpress FileShot and Reflection for Secure IT (RSIT) Web Edition address user-driven file transfers at the enterprise and departmental levels:

  • FileXpress FileShot 1.9 extends its email-integrated file transfer capabilities and enterprise-class scalability with features targeted at ease-of-use, simplified administration, and secure data transfer.
  • Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition 8.0 is a new entry-level business-to-user solution that allows external users to upload and download files via a Web browser, leveraging secure shell technology to protect the files in transit. This cost-effective tool combines usability with a focus on secure transmission of data files.

"Email is the primary method of file transfer in almost every organization," said Michael Osterman president and founder of Osterman Research. "However, it was never designed as a file transfer system and can cause problems for organizations that rely on it. Email systems become bloated with content and create work for IT staffers tasked with managing email systems, adding significantly to their cost. Plus, email also provides no assurance that recipients have received attachments and leaves organizations susceptible to data breaches."

With FileXpress FileShot, users are able to securely exchange files of any size with users inside and outside of the company on an ad hoc basis. External recipients are able to download those files through a secure Web interface. The latest version of FileXpress FileShot includes usability enhancements such as improved file transfer speed and support for Safari and Chrome Web browsers, creating faster transfers and allowing users to leverage a platform they are familiar with. Additionally, FileXpress FileShot has security enhancements targeted at guest account expiration and audit records, allowing administrators to more easily manage an enterprise-wide deployment.

Smaller organizations often exchange routine files with business partners, customers or multiple recipients. These users need to easily access the solution to download or upload files or provide a portal for a customer or business partner to place a file. The file solution must be intuitive for the end user to reduce IT staff involvement.

Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition 8.0 is part of the RSIT family of SSH clients and servers for Windows and UNIX and is the first product in the suite to address user-driven file transfer through a Web-delivered client. Users can upload or download files of any size to corporate servers. No desktop installation or configuration is required. RSIT provides IT with secure server software capable of residing in the DMZ; end users are given a browser-based, drag-and-drop interface that utilizes secure shell technology for uploads and downloads with the DMZ-resident server. DMZ streaming capabilities along with file transfer auditing enhance an organization's ability to protect and keep a history of the sensitive files that are transferred.

Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition 8.0 and FileXpress FileShot 1.9 are available immediately for purchase. For more information on pricing, please contact

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