SOURCE: Tribal Ventures, LLC

November 03, 2016 20:35 ET

Business World Global Podcast Features Angel Investor Alan Matthew of Tribal Ventures in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - November 03, 2016) - Chicago resident, and renowned angel investor, Alan Matthew was the featured guest on a recent edition of the Global Startup Movement podcast.

The podcast was broadcast and heard worldwide on iTunes and Soundcloud. Global Startup Movement is hosted by Andrew Berkowitz and features one-on-one, in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs around the planet.

Matthew, CEO of Chicago-based Tribal Ventures, candidly shared his motivation for investing in Windy City start-ups. "I love giving people a chance. I'm drawn to people who have the desire (to succeed) and are willing to do their homework," he said.

While talking about the most important characteristics necessary for business success, Matthew spoke of lessons he learned while working with the shamans in the Amazon, long before doing so became hip.

"When we do ceremony with the shamans, everything is based upon trust. And that's how it is in business. You have to have a good sense of who your partner is because (going into business) is a deep dive into your self-conscience and it reveals a lot about yourself. Basically, it comes down to being a good person, doing your homework, doing your job and being all-in."

When asked about when he prefers to become involved with a business or idea, Matthew said, "I have an affinity for being involved in the early stages. That's probably because I've always been interested in seeing what's (coming) next."

Mostly a lone-wolf type of angel investor, Matthew is a Chicago devotee who was quick to express his affinity and devotion to his hometown. "I love Chicago; in fact, I could probably be a salesperson for the city," he said. "Our ecosystem is in very good shape: our transportation is good, our rents are reasonable and there are a lot of resources here."

About Tribal Ventures: With offices in Chicago, Tribal Ventures provides investor, mentor and expert advice services to Chicago area startup businesses.

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