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September 15, 2010 06:00 ET

BusinessCom Launches Evolution VSAT Services on Eutelsat W7

GIBRALTAR, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - September 15, 2010) -  BusinessCom, a global satellite Internet service provider, has launched iDirect Evolution enabled satellite Internet access services on the Eutelsat W7 geostationary satellite. The new Evolution services are available on Ku-Band beams covering the Middle East. The coverage includes "hot" destinations such as Iraq and Afghanistan and many other countries. The new Evolution based satellite Internet service allows customers to enjoy always-on 24/7 broadband satellite Internet access, with only a small 1.2m VSAT antenna and 3W block up-converters.

The iDirect Evolution platform selected by BusinessCom is an ideal choice for multi-service broadband satellite Internet access. The Evolution X3 modem is based on the DVB-S2 standard that delivers very high spectrum efficiency, and is backed up by ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) technology.

The ACM automatically changes the outbound modulation and FEC overhead per each remote VSAT terminal on the fly, depending on the actual rain fade margins observed. The return channel is based on a patented iDirect Deterministic TDMA technology that enables true QoS (Quality of Service) support.

The primary markets for the newly launched satellite Internet services, which complement BusinessCom's flagmanship PEP-iDirect solution, include demanding DTH and SOHO users, Internet cafes, SCADA and telemetry applications, and small to medium-sized Wireless Hot Spots.

With a built-in Ethernet interface, additional key features of the newly launched BusinessCom VSAT services include support for a rich set of IP protocols (including both TCP and UDP), multicasting, DHCP and NAT, built-in TCP and HTTP acceleration, advanced QoS and traffic prioritization and seamless terrestrial integration.

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A leading Internet satellite communications provider since 2003, BusinessCom delivers an extensive portfolio of satellite networking solutions that span from broadband Internet access to intercontinental WAN networks, and operates on 19 satellites providing worldwide service coverage with key platforms being iDirect, SCPC and DVB-S2. As high performance satellite Internet providers, they pride themselves on delivering a consistently high service level to all of their customers.

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