July 14, 2011 10:47 ET Custom Business Plan

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 14, 2011) - A custom business plan can be the key to kick starting your start up company -- no matter where you are in developing your idea.

Most budding entrepreneurs know the value of having a comprehensive business plan they can quite literally "take to the bank." But not all appreciate the importance of a custom business plan -- with the emphasis on the word "custom" as in "custom business plan."

Template-based business plans or those from small-time offshore operators can be "completely useless," says Daniel Plechac of because they take a cookie-cutter approach that will most likely fail to impress banks or investors.

"You can only go to the bank once," explains Plechac. "Should you submit a flawed plan, you may have closed the door forever. Why take the risk? You don't have to spend thousands on a plan. But a few hundred is an investment well worth making. Make sure you choose the right business plan writer. Look for custom and personal service, from a business plan writer who is willing to talk to you on the phone and has plenty of experience. After all, each business is different. You deserve attention, respect, and special treatment."

Alex Halevskiy, President of Everest Mouldings of Toronto, Canada knows all about the power of a custom business plan. He says: "Daniel Plechac helped me in so many ways with my business, everything from marketing to planning. But most of all, Daniel wrote the business plan that got the bank financing. It was a crucial step that helped get us where we are today: a thriving business with 15 employees and innovative products that has expanded to the United States."

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